Thursday, February 24, 2011

February's things - day 24

From gloss to gossip and everything in between...I love magazines. The husband can attest to this love both from his accounting prowess standpoint to the cluttered...legs aching...antique french coffee table in our living room. Every month I have to purge and it's so saying goodbye to little pieces of art. You see, I like to horde magazines. I suppose I get, tick from my Mother who saved every single issue of Southern Living from the 80's until...possibly now. And, come to think of it my Dad had every National Geographic issue from the 70's until sometime in the 90's. The storage area under the wet bar at my childhood home was stacked full. Want a drink? Well, you're outta luck...but, want to know how to make a persimmon pie with buttermilk crust or want to take a visual tour through the wetlands of New Zealand? Jackpot!
I, on the other hand, prefer to pick up magazines at the grocery, news stand, etc. I just can't wait for a subscription in the mail. I like to finger through them and admire every cover as if I am picking a lover! Magazines make me happy, inspire me, loosely educate me, and well...if you're gonna horde, at least it's something pretty and somewhat useful! Right?
image credit: suzelovespink via flickr

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