Tuesday, July 31, 2012

future olympiad

Last week the toddler started her first formal swimming lessons...just in time for the Olympics and I must say watching the women's and men's swimming events each night has helped get her excited about being in the water.  She loves to "swim" but her idea thus far has been holding on to me or the husband, jumping off the side whilst holding our hands and landing with such precision so as to not get her face wet.  Last week was day to day at swim lessons...one day she was fine...the next day she was a mess.  I am happy to report that as of yesterday she has turned a corner.  I couldn't keep her out of the water yesterday and all she wanted to do was "go under"...a far cry from the bartering she was doing with her teacher last week.  And so, as we watched Missy Franklin win her first gold medal at the age of 17 last night...the husband and I wondered aloud if we might be able to watch our little girl do the same thing one day.  Lofty aspirations...I know, but...anything is possible, right?

image: the toddler getting her game face on.
p.s. as you can tell from the photo above...I'm stretching the title of "toddler"  given her size...I know.  But she's only three!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's things...

Town & Country is not new to me by any means but I've recently become reacquainted with it.  As a child, I remember it gracing the coffee table at my grandmother's house and then later in college our sweet house mother in my sorority had every issue and I used to peruse the pages of the privileged while sustaining solely on ramen noodle and the occasional fried chicken day at the sorority house...oh, and Taco Bell.  Not exactly the likes of the beautiful pages of T&C but one can dream.  I just picked up this month's issue and it does not disappoint.  If you are a true prep and lover of the nicer things in life you need look no further on the newsstand than T&C (or G&G...Garden and Gun...but that's another post altogether)!  Go get yourself a copy...happy reading!

image credit: Town & Country

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Let's talk about tennis shoes for a minute...I love the idea of a sneaker but for some reason I can't get over the look of them.  Even the cute ones.  Even while I was pregnant and my feet had rebelled against every shoe I tried, I couldn't seem to fit them into my wardrobe.  No matter how cute, they make me feel clunky and unattractive.  With that said...you wouldn't know I felt that way since I have at least 20 pair of tennis shoes in my faux walk-in closet right now.  I've got seersucker ConverseConverse in nautical colors, navy Keds (don't judge, I'm a child of the 70's), Brooks running shoes, New Balance running shoes and the likes there of.  But, what I want is a tennis shoe I can wear with skinny jeans...less sporty and more preppy (again, I'm a child of the 70's and teen of the 80's).  I've seen the Superga's that are cute and trendy with the Hollywood/LA set, and I've tried to remember why I loved Keds to begin with but each time I feel more kindergarten teacher (not that there is anything wrong with that) and less trendsetter.  So, in thinking back to the days that I popped on a tennis shoe without any thought and wore them until the rubber cracked and the laces frayed, I finally came up with what it was I loved...no, it wasn't the high top Reebok's that I sported with doubled up socks...though they were really comfortable...nope, it was Tretorn.  How could I have forgotten?  I had them in yellow, and white, and pink.  And judging by the fact I had three pair, I'm pretty certain the price was not what it is today!  Recently, I've seen Tretorn's making a comeback in J.Crew catalogs, and in some of the glossies but I haven't actually seen anyone wearing them. But, I think that's about to change...if I have anything to do with it.  After visiting the Tretorn site, I'm "torn" on which one's to get...I want all of the classic Nylite canvas ones.  They come in a range of colors now but I have a feeling I'll default to the old school classic white with pop of color.  I can't remember if they were comfortable.  I don't remember them being uncomfortable but that's never stopped me from buying a shoe I loved...the husband can attest to this.  And so, Tretorn it is...hopefully this will fill my preppy-goes-with-anything-tennis shoe fetish...er, craving!

image credit: tretorn

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's things

Jack of all trades

I'm a huge fan of all things summer and the Jack Rogers sandal is at the top of that list.  Popularized by Jackie Kennedy's Palm Beach days, this shoe exudes class and sophisticated simplistic style while maintaining a relaxed beach look.  In an array of colors, there's a Jack Rogers for everyone and every occasion.  In fact, my sweet cousin is getting married in September, at the beach no less, and is wearing a pair of baby blue Jack Rogers with her wedding dress...her something blue.  With fall just around the corner, slip on some Jack's to enjoy those final months of summer sun!

image credit: jack rogers

Monday, July 16, 2012

first class style

This past weekend, the toddler, husband, and I took to the skies that were...er, not so friendly in, well, a couple of ways.  First the weather was uncooperative on our flight home yesterday which always makes me a wreck...but, more unsettling than the atmospheric pressure were the things that people wear when they fly.  I know it's summer and well...it's hot, and maybe you have a nice tan and want to show it off but the airplane isn't exactly the best place to display your, er...wares.  After enduring a 2 hour delay yesterday at the airport I had ample opportunity to see outfits of all sorts and sizes.  And that's a whole different issue.  Seems people, grown adults, are unaware of their correct sizing.  If you wear a size 8 then a size 0 is not going to fit you nor is it going to appear to fit you for those of us in line behind you.  And, what is it about the airport that brings out school pride in everyone? I have school spirit too but prefer to fly in something other than a jersey.  I guess I'm still of the "old school" theory...dress nice for your flight.  Have some pride in yourself, and wherever you're going.  I love the ladies dressed in slacks and jackets, cute flats, etc.  Which brings me to another issue...there is absolutely no reason to wear 6 inch heels on a flight.  I don't care who you are or where you're going.  I saw a lady yesterday in the airport with such shoes on...barely able to walk.  I didn't know whether she needed a band-aid or a wheel chair.  I guess that's where the line of looking good for your flight and comfort is blurred.  I'm here to tell you that it is possible to look good and be comfortable at the same time in something not requiring the words "Juicy" stitched across your back section.  And so, as I sat there in my green JBrand jeans, JCrew tunic, and Bernardo flats I was amazed at the attire of most...just thinking about the girl in the jean shorts so short that I hoped it was her bathing suit...sitting in my seat before me...or the girl in the pants so low that I'm certain her entire bare backside was literally spilled out into the seat that would soon be taken possibly by me or the husband or toddler.  You get the picture...I could go on and on.  Point is, I wish things were how they used to be...people were excited to look nice to fly somewhere, whether it was on vacation or their honeymoon, or just to go home.  But alas, nearly gone are the days of getting bumped up to first class just for looking nice.  But, if you are still interested in looking like a jet setter...here are a few suggestions that don't include lettered sweatshirts and sweatpants...and then, well, maybe we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

image credit: top:howstuffworks, bottom:polyvore

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's things...

Ombre woes

So, after loving ombre/balayage hair color from afar for so long, I decided to finally bite the color blocked bullet and try it myself.  Leery...of course, scared...yes...disappointed...pretty much.  After realizing my stylist didn't quite know what she was doing...it was too late to turn back.  My appointment was at 2:30pm and I left at 6:00pm.  Let's just say that I'm making a run to the drug store today for some all over color to tone down my...as the toddler calls it, "yellow hair".  I guess yellow hair is better than yellow teeth, but not much better!  I had to run by the grocery yesterday afterwards and considered going to one I never go to so as to not be seen.  Sadly, I've learned my lesson the hard way.  In the end, she didn't charge me one dime for a treatment that costs over $200 typically.  The other sad thing is that my stylist is super sweet and I'd never have the guts to tell her I didn't love it...although I think she knew though.  I've had mishaps with color she has done before so I think I'm now on the hunt for a new stylist.  Breaking up is hard to do though.  Have you ever had a hair mishap?  Did you break up or just tough it out?
Just for reference...my hair was supposed to look similar to Alexa Chung's photo above.  Granted it's similar but similar doesn't quite cut it when it's not spot on.  There's really no room for error with color like this which is ironic because the look is sort of unkept.  The process is anything but!  To give you an idea, the dark part of mine is only on the very top of my head...kind of like a little hat.  Where as Alexa's dark part extends further down with the blonde/yellow just on the lower portion/tips.  
If you see me in line at the drug store with a real hat on my head...eyes pointed to the ground and pretending not to hear you calling my name...just know I'm still in hiding!  


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

firecrackers and fly balls

Happy 4th of July!!
How will you celebrate our nation's independence tomorrow?  We are planning on going to a minor league baseball game, grilling out, and watching the fireworks with the excitement of the toddler!  We'll be decked out in red, white, and blue...or in the toddler's case...red, white, and pink as she will be wearing the Lilly Pulitzer print above!  We are looking forward to our day of fun...celebrating all those men and women who have made our free country possible...we pledge our allegiance!

image credit: the college prepster via Lilly Pulitzer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday's things...on Sunday

Apparently the heat has gone to my head!  With temps soaring into the 100's...and those are actual temps not including heat index, (which in my opinion is never really accurate.  For instance, if it's 107 degrees outside...as it was yesterday, the actual "feels like" or heat index was probably 200 degrees rather than the 115 they predicted!) it's been hard to keep on track of what day it is and what I need to do...other than go to the pool!  Yesterday we spent the morning swimming and the afternoon ice skating.  Yes, even the pool was too hot!  You had to stay in the water the entire time and with the growing crowd it was nearly impossible to keep some personal space!  Ice skating was fun but with the toddler new to the ice and with the husband's and my aged ankles we could only seek refuge in the ice room for about an hour.  Alas, we're tucked inside today with all the curtains drawn and the air working overtime to keep us cool.  We're gonna venture out for a popsicle later this afternoon...I'm already thinking I'm gonna need more than one!  And so, in the tone and gruff and confidence of the Dos Equis beer man...Stay...er, cool, my friends!

image credit: the weather channel
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