Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday's things...on Friday

I love these pretty little fizzy candies! They come in a variety of sizzling flavors and are a joyride for the mouth! I just picked some up at a local candy store in Watermelon and Grape and I'm already rationing them out...they're going fast! The wrappers are so retro and colorful that I'm even thinking of getting a big glass globe to display them in...just trying to figure out how I'll keep the toddler out of them!

Monday, September 26, 2011

farm loving

A while back I wrote about one of my BFF's who "took her Choo's to the country" trading city life for a farm life and I'm here to say without a doubt that she has found her destiny, her soulmate, her calling. She and her farmer beau are tying the knot soon and recently had engagement photos made...she shared them, and now...I wanted to share them as well. If only for a day I could live this wonderful, fairy-tale-esque life that she is indeed living...and loving! All photos are by Morgan Trinker of Morgan Trinker Photography. Morgan did an incredible job of completely capturing their personality and their love. I love them to bits!
image credit: Morgan Trinker Photography

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's things...

Yo Gabba Gabba
It's no secret that most of my days are spent watching Nick jr. by default. There are many times I'm completely unaware of breaking news as apparently Dora isn't exactly well informed and...well, apparently the weather's not all sunshine and rainbows! However, it is sunshine and rainbows and magic robots and the likes thereof in Gabba Land! Yo Gabba Gabba is the toddler's favorite show...has been for a while now. For her birthday last year we went to see them live and it was amazing! Got to meet DJ Lance Rock, Leslie, Biz Markie (yep, it's who you think it is) and all the characters. It was pretty cool. And so, in planning the toddler's birthday party this year we settled on the Yo Gabba Gabba theme...I mean, it was the only choice! I realize that Gabba Gabba is a strange thing to people who aren't forced to watch children's programming on a regular basis but for those of us who watch unbeknownst to the regular, everyday happenings around them...Gabba Gabba is the best. They have a musical act on every show...from Weezer to The Roots and fun celebrity guests from Jack Black to Amy Poehler. Seriously, if you have kids, you HAVE to watch it and, if you don' HAVE to watch it! It's just a great show, with great lessons, and entertaining to everyone! And so, if you're still looking for a reason to check them out...Scott Shultz is one of the creators and his wife has a blog that is pretty cool too. She quite possibly is the coolest mom ever! No, this isn't a plug...just a good ole..."I love what you do...who you are" kinda deal. So, come next weekend...the toddler and I will be rocking our Gabba Gabba Van's (shoes) and celebrating #3 and's all pretty AWESOME!
Here's a link to "the Mom"
image credit: nick jr.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's, thoughts

hit or MISSoni
As I'm sure everyone knows by now, Fashion phenom Missoni hit Target stores Tuesday morning...sending shoppers and online purveyors into a frenzy reminiscent of Shark Week. It was a big hit but at the same my humble opinion, it was a "Miss" as well. Sadly, everything sold out in record time bringing stores and websites to their zigzagged knees. By the time I made it to our store Tuesday afternoon (mind you, I went for toilet paper and Boots face wipes...not Missoni), it was laughable. Barely an item left, all clothes left were sized XL (cause zigzag knits aren't for everyone) and just a few hand towels, and housewares left. I did pick up a small blanket, a hand towel, and a box of stationary. I'm happy for Missoni, I mean, what an accomplishment...and, I'm happy for those people who went to get a few items that they will wear possibly for a few years at best. Which brings me to another observation...despite Missoni having a rich history as an Italian fashion house...each Target item was crafted in China...draw your own conclusions here but I'm betting these items won't be handed down in your family. Am I bitter that I only got a few items...No, but I'm bitter about the fact that something that was supposed to be for "everyone" at a price regular people could afford has been bought by people who only plan to resale at exorbitant prices on online auction sites. The good news, the brand is slated to trickle into Target stores well into October so maybe there is hope for those who didn't get anything on the first go. Then there are the stories of cart thieves and people buying one of everything or an entire lot of items...register totals in the thousands. And so, my point...I think if you make something for the masses...offered to all...then there should be a limit on items per person of the same item, online auction sites should require a waiting period for people trying to make a quick buck on a recently launched items, and should have the same quality in construction for your items at Target. Yes, yes, I understand, you make it cheaper therefore making it affordable, but hey, here's an idea...focus on a few things rather than a zillion items. So, there you have thoughts on the Missoni the end, I think it takes a little prestige away from the original items...the $800 items that are made in Italy, woven by master weavers, sold at luxury stores. I mean, now you can pay top dollar for a 'Missoni for Target' item on ebay, or you could pay top dollar for the 'real thing'...conundrum indeed...but I know what I'd choose!
image credit: momfinds

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th

I remember wishing the day would just be over...wishing it was all a bad dream...wishing it was the 12th. Yet, here I am 10 years later...on the 12th and I still feel the same way. I still have trouble watching any of the footage or any of the tribute programs that have been airing the past few weeks. I want to watch...I think it's important to remember all those feelings, to remember those who lost their lives, those first responders, the families whose loved ones never came home. I remember wishing I could do something to make it better. I remember wanting to be with my family. I remember at the time working for an organization that thought it more important to "get back to work" than to focus on the day's events, shrugging it off as if it was no big deal. Well, it was a big deal, it changed our lives...forever. My sister and I had taken a trip to Manhattan just 5 months before that fateful day. Years later the husband and I would spend a week there...and visit the site where the towers once stood. The fliers for 'missing persons' still attached to the construction covered sidewalks and stuck in fencing. What I remember most about being there those years later was the awkward silence...amongst the bustle. And so, as the decade has passed...I am still wrought with emotion, still deeply saddened...overwhelmed, and still amazed by the human...American spirit.
image credit:pagetutor

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday's things

Birthday Month
That's's my birthday month and as old as I am and as trivial it seems at my age...I do love it and look forward to it...counting down the days as if I were a child! There are no more parties, although since the toddler's arrival almost 3 years ago I'm usually busy planning her party as her big day falls less than a week after mine. This year I think I'll treat myself to a cupcake, a pedicure, sushi, and I'll hope beyond hope to receive some of the things on my ever-growing wish list! So...with that have exactly 20 days left for shopping! Oh, my list...1.)a baby goat, one that will stay baby-sized forever...of the pygmy variety. 2.) a banjo or ukulele. 3.)a giant gold monogram necklace from Max and Chloe. 4.) the oyster belt buckle from Sid Mashburn that's still out of stock...grrr! 5.) brunch at Commander's Palace 6.)Yo Gabba Gabba Van's (for my cool-mom attire). 7.) any Ashley Longshore painting. 8.)Costa Del Mar Hammock or South Point sunglasses...and well, I could go on and on but that would be too much right? Pshaw... never!
image credit: absolutely beautiful

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday's things...

Costa Del Mar
I'm a girl with blue eyes that are uber sensitive to the sun! Therefore, I have an affinity for sunglasses. While yes, I would prefer Chanel or the likes thereof, I have found that only a polarized glass protects my baby blues and allows me to still have a day of fun in the sun! My first pair of polarized lenses came shortly after my "lose everything" college days. They were Revo's and a gift from the then soon-to-be husband. I loved those glasses until the day I left them on a plane and someone scooped them up faster than a Baskin Robbins employee! Since the loss of those glasses I've tried many more over the years and finally settled on a pair of Costa Del Mar's...or Costa's, a couple years ago. They are the best sunglasses I've ever had. They are both protective and sturdy...great for the beach, boating or sailing! So, Chanel, D&G, Dior...take note: you might want to add a polarized version to your WAY overpriced non-protective fashion shades! Who knows, you might just gain a few more customers...not me though...I'm a Costa girl through and through! Oh, and guess what? They're fashionable too!
image credit: Costa Del Mar
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