Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's things

Black Leggings
My quest for the perfect pair of black leggings is always a challenge as I'm picky about my tone of black and fabric. There must be a little stretch...obviously since it's a legging, but I don't want it so stretchy it's shiny or worse...see through hosiery-esque. For a few years I've worn NikiBiki leggings that essentially are more of a seamless tight but footless and very opaque...a nice midnight shade of black with no fading. Although, it also runs the fine line of being a hosiery type item. But, I'm now happy to say that I finally fell back on an old and well known brand that up until now I had only bought socks from. That's right...HUE does indeed have the best black, true legging I've found. They are cotton with the perfect amount of stretch...they sit at the true waist so there's no tugging, and they are as opaque as a pair of equestrian riding pants would be. I am beyond excited to have finally found a legging that I love! I've worn them for a few days now around the house and can say that after considerable wear they are still as if I just opened the shapeless knees and no bagginess. They come in a variety of colors but for me I've never loved any legging but a black one. Now...go get yourself a'll love them...besides, I've already done all the legwork for you!
image credit: HUE

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

literary love

Over Christmas, while visiting the husband's family...the husband and I out running errands, we ducked into Lemuria Bookstore. Now, I realize some of my anonymity will be revealed with this post as the locale will be given but this place is just too good not to mention. We have loved this bookstore for years...the husband longer than I as he grew up with it. Let me just say, there are very few bookstores like this anymore. Yes, across the freeway and frontage road is Books-A-Million, but this place is different. It's a literary lounge so to speak...and in a good way. Not filled with rifling teenagers and coffee stained previewed magazines and books. No, this is a little place with every square inch furiously jammed with books overflowing from every shelf...many signed...many rare...many first editions. In fact, you can join their "First Editions Club". A club of exclusivity I'm sure, given the price of many first editions...a club of beauty with their little jagged edged...fresh torn pages. The husband and I perused the bounty of books...I, overwhelmed with the possibilities of what I might find...overwhelmed with seeing so many that I would love to have. The husband set on getting a local, well known, renowned author's book which became a movie years ago that we have seen about a thousand times but he said, "I bet the book will be better" and somehow I knew it would. What would I get? We were in a hurry, as we always are, and I knew my browsing time was tick-tick-ticking as I frantically thumbed the shelves, eyes shifting trying to take it all in...not miss a thing. I finally settled on a little book of short stories by Truman Capote entitled "A Christmas Memory". Surprisingly, it was a first edition and lucky for the husband not one that would break the bank. Sadly it was unsigned as Capote passed away in '84 but it would be a good one...and a perfect fit to the season. I've already finished it and I'm now in that sad state that occurs when you've just left your best friend and don't know when you'll see them again. However, on my way out of Lemuria another book caught my eye and I'm going to start it tonight...a book about famous authors that quit their day jobs to become writers. We had a great time in that cozy little bookstore thick with thought...I could have stayed there all day. And so, sometimes I play this little game in my head...where would I love to go to escape...where no one would find me...where I could just be swallowed up for a while...forget about the trials of life ?...and, might just find me at Lemuria.
image credit: Lemuria Bookstore

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joyeux Noel

The presents have all been opened and now in the dizzying haze of wrapping paper and ribbons, I am happy to say that everyone got what they wanted...Santa was super sweet and despite continuous threats of coal none was found! After the toddler checked the roof for reindeer paw prints she settled in for a breakfast of sweet rolls, candy canes, and popcorn...she's whipping up something exciting for lunch in her new kitchen. And so...after all the planning and rushing and wrapping, I've decided that the best gift of all is having a wonderful family to share the holidays with. Now, I want to finish my Truman Capote book, maybe watch The Holiday and Bridget Jone's Diary and Love Actually and maybe take a nap and, well...maybe dream of sugar plums all over again! Merry Christmas everyone!
image credit: bellas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday's things

Holiday Tradition
Every Christmas slowly slinks this way, I have an undying urge to become something of a "Suzie Home-maker meets Martha Stewart" kind of girl. Yes, my outfit is cuter (think Prada flats, skinny jeans and JCrew gingham shirts) but I have that crazy desire to make all kinds of homemade gifts for people. Every year I search for great thing that can become my signature item. This year I decided I'd try my hand at french macaroons...already dreaming of how perfect they would turn out, I mean, the picture with the recipe looked like artwork so perfectly packaged with a little red bow. I had already decided that I would package my confections in mason jars (it's a southern thing...we love our mason jars) with holiday ribbon and twine. How pretty they would be and how people would love them! So, while at my family's home this past weekend, my sister and I tackled macaroons. Let's just one will be getting any...this year anyway. One whole pan burned...the other pans looked pretty but collapsed upon touching them. Who knows where we went wrong but I was so looking forward to sharing this holiday tradition with my sister. We would make macaroons every would be our thing. Somewhere during this daydream, whilst the little puffs of sugary egg whites and almonds were, became apparent that what I really crave is the togetherness, the laughing, the sharing, the talking, and well, maybe the cussing too as we discovered that we were not really destined to be macaroon mavens. And so, I suppose our holiday tradition is that my sister and I make something every year...last time it was soap, and we forgot to add several ingredients...but we were in there, in the kitchen spending time together...laughing and creating a holiday tradition that will always be fun, no matter how the food tastes or the soap smells! Next year I'm thinking of making kumquat and bay leaf garlands...or maybe spiced sugar...both very pretty and require no cooking or cooling! What's your tradition?
image credit: mischief my dear

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's things

Chargrilled/Charbroiled Oysters
There's nothing better than a chargrilled oyster...all that buttery goodness laced with pecorino, garlic and cayenne! The husband and I are huge fans of Drago's Restaurant who claim their charbroiled oysters are "often imitated but never duplicated"...and the Acme Oyster House chargrilled oysters are beyond good! So, after craving these little bivalves for the past few weeks the husband shucked 3 dozen of these beauties, whipped up the butter sauce, and set them ablaze! We had a nice dinner al fresco last night...thank goodness the temps are still mild. Now, pair that with the fresh french loaf we used for sopping up that liquid gold floating in each opalescence shell...and...well, we were in heaven! We've already ordered 9 dozen for Christmas eve dinner...coupled with the husband's gumbo...won't Santa be excited to get something other than cookies!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

beta max

My love for the Longshore Gallery in New Orleans...and Ashley's insane talent is no secret! If you're having a hard time thinking of a gift for that super fun friend or that crazy Aunt who has everything...and loves the most amazing art this side of the Mississippi, then look no further than Ashley's Audrey series! Audrey, a classic in herself but with loads more glitz! My new favorite is the spectacular Beta Audrey...from the brilliant brushstrokes of the tail to their fiery attitudes, this beta takes Audrey to the max and...well, that's a household item you'll never have to upgrade! If you've had a chance to check out The Longshore studio in person you know it's chocked full of so much perfection that it would be hard to choose just one item...if you've never been...might I suggest adding it to your "things to do" list! You won't be disappointed!
image credit: sarah ashley longshore

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thursday's things

I love this quote...especially this time of year when everyone is rushing around town in the thick hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Everyone is in a hurry...everyone has a list to fulfill, everyone is tired, everyone is spending more money than they should, and everyone is sitting in traffic. Don't forget to be's just that simple. It'll make someones day, it'll make your day...and, believe it or not... it'll make you feel prettier!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's things...

I am so smitten with this fiery number! I first discovered it over at Atlantic-Pacific a few months ago and quickly decided I had to have it! Lucky me...I'll be getting it for Christmas from my sweet in-laws! Now, I'm not so sure everyone will love it as much as I do as the toddler has already told me she doesn't like ants. But for me...I a very Carrie Bradshaw kind of way, it screams glam retro and well that definitely takes the sting out of it!
image credit: (top) Anthropologie (bottom) Atlantic-Pacific
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