Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February's things - day 23

Weekend Drives
I have loved getting into the car on the weekend with no where in particular to go since I was a child. My Mother and I used to do this every Sunday afternoon much to my Dad's chagrin. We would drive aimlessly...discovering new things and new places. We would tour open houses, go see the river out of it's banks during a terrible flood and scope out where our friends lived.
Point is...I've loved these adventures since I was a kid and now I share that love with the husband and toddler. We have so much fun venturing out of the city...down country roads...singing along with songs on the radio...enjoying life...and forgetting about the pressures of the city and our responsibilities here. And so, as I stare out the window into an open field...I often think to myself, if I could just hide away here for a nice and serene it would be. But then...where would I go for my weekend drives?
image credit: corbis images

1 comment:

  1. I wish I was on one of these drives with you right now.


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