Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's things

Toms wedges
Okay, so I'm not really a "Toms" kinda girl...not that I don't whole heartily believe in their "one for one" philosophy because I do...I think it is an awesome concept and I can say that I am happy to have done my part. Prior to the black canvas wedges I just purchased I bought a pair of red and white seersucker Toms original flats that I do really like but, well, I'm a sucker, seersucker. And so, today as I wandered around my local hipster hiking store I came across the Toms Wedges. I've seen them before but never tried any on and really never seen anyone wearing them. Much to my delight they were on sale and also to my delight, they were super comfy. An hour later I had a pair, my sister had a matching pair and I bought the toddler a pair of silver sparkly "tiny Toms" that are ridiculously cute! So, it would now seem that Tom and I are becoming fast friends and helping a few kids in return...what could be better? Oh, and they're super stylish as well!
image credit: Toms

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So as I mentioned in an earlier post, when I started this little blog endeavor I worried that I would run out of things to write about despite having a brain whose wheels turn endlessly. And so, now I find myself not so much having nothing to write about but feeling less than inspired. Maybe it's the 100 degree heat, maybe it's because it's summer and my brain is...well, on vacation. I don't know, but for lack of a better word I'm feeling tapped out. Maybe it's the non-stop travel the husband, toddler and I have been embarking on these past few months...we literally have been living out of suitcases for as long as I can remember! I'm not complaining though...all of our travel has been for fun but I'm beginning to think all this back and forth has left me suffering from an undeniable writers block! The thoughts are there...but my little hands can't find enough time in the day to get those thoughts into paragraph form! And then there's this...maybe my lack of focus and inspiration is due to a decision I've been pondering now for a work or not to work. I've had the luxury of being able to stay home with the toddler since she was an infant. I've enjoyed having that time with her and know that I will be forever grateful for the days we've spent coloring, dancing, going to the park and the pool, shopping, eating cookies, etc. but, even as the guilt is welling up as I type this, I've been thinking about getting out there...going back to work, earning a little money to support my couture codependency. I guess all this "weighing the options" has me bogged down. So as we near the end of July, I'm hoping things will slow down, become more clear. Why can't we foresee the future...if these decisions we make now are the right ones? But then we'd never make mistakes and what fun would that be? Or what about those Magic 8 Balls? Why can't they ever give an answer that is worth banking on? Over and over I've shaken them only to see rise up in the cloudy blue water..."reply hazy, try again". In general, I'm a very indecisive person. I can never decide, as the husband can attest, what to wear, what to buy, how to fix something, etc. I guess partially because I fear failing... but, if you never put yourself out there and try your hardest at whatever it is you're doing...knowing the possibility of failure is real, then what gives us the continuously sought after feeling of accomplishment? And so, I know that nothing in life is final but death...and 50% off items at Gus Mayer...meaning, I'll figure out what to do at some point but the answer will probably always be "hazy". There's no magic here...and the inspiration will always wax and wane I suppose.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday's things...on Friday

Crazy Love
Remember that out of control feeling of love you first had when you and your boyfriend first starting dating? That craziness that controlled everything you did? That feeling of near sickness mixed with excitement and desire? It's the best feeling in the world! After years of dating or married life (if you're lucky), somehow we forget about this period of our relationship. It soon becomes the daily hustle and bustle of every day life...long gone are the days of forgetting everyone and everything around you in order to steal away with your lover for even just a minute. So, on this Friday as I prepare for a "girl's weekend"...leaving the husband and toddler at home...I'm going to try to focus my thoughts on that time when all that mattered was him...all that I needed was him, and when I come home on Sunday...won't he be surprised!
image credit: Denmark National Library

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

endless summer

If the heat is any indication...Summer has definitely arrived. It's funny how a season can make you remember certain times in your life with exact certainty...right down to the smell...the cold air from a window unit...the croaking frogs and cicadas. It's a time I vividly remember being at my grandparent's home. I would spend weeks playing in my grandmother's Mary Kay stash, sinking my feet into the thick green grass in the yard, picking worms off a Catawba tree for my grandfather to use as fishing bait, digging in the sandy dirt that filled their south Alabama yard, plundering through my grandfather's "junk drawer" for some unknown buried treasure...visiting my grandfather at work and on the occasion my grandmother had to work, I would spend the day with my great-grandmother. Days with her were spent much the same way, although I do credit her with launching my night time television habit! Hours were logged working the know, the old fashioned kind that you cranked on a 1950's era dial that would magically send a signal to the roof to allow Night Court to come in perfectly clear. And the day hours were logged digging in the sandy dirt until I could no longer take the heat...upon which my great-grandmother would sit out her largest metal washtub under the large cedar tree in the...yes, front yard...where I would sit in my my miniature pool for hours as an occasional car would pass by. Granted, she lived in the country so there weren't too many cars and, this type "pool" set up was somewhat accepted as the norm...thank goodness. Then there were the days I would play until the sun was tired and I would breeze into the kitchen...climb up onto the washing machine and inhale the icy cold air from the window unit. I can still feel it on my face like it was yesterday. Later, I would fill my belly with oyster stew and crawl into bed to do it all again the next day. I miss those days. I miss that I didn't know then how lucky I was to be spending precious time...creating unsurpassed memories with my grandparents and great-grandparents. But, I guess that's just the thing...when you're a kid, the seasons come and go and all we really live for is summer...and in adults, those summers live on in our hearts forever.
image credit: bismanonline

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's things

That's right...good ole gimp bracelets from bygone camp days! Hours I would work my little fingers to the bone looping and weaving until I had a bracelet, key chain, necklace, etc. I've often thought about the lost art of camp jewelry and how simple and refreshing it is...something lovingly made...woven by hand and with deliberate care and color coordination. Soooo, when I found these updated versions of my favorite summer bracelets at nOir Jewelry, I was super excited. They come in a variety of color combos as well as the option of single wrapped or double wrapped...each with a super smart brass toggle. I want them all!
image credit: nOir Jewelry

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dinner Belle

It's no secret that the husband didn't marry me for my cooking abilities. I'm sure I could be a great cook but my interests are elsewhere. Now, that being said...if you came to my house you would think I was very much into whipping up a culinary delight at a moments notice with all my beautifully bound cookbooks and cabinet full of Le Creuset. But alas, the husband spends more time in the kitchen than I do. I CAN cook...just don't. That being said, recently I have tried to take a more vested interest in doing so. If not for the sheer fact that most afternoons I'm bored, the toddler is tired, whiny, and needing constant attention so I've devised a routine of putting her in her highchair and rolling her into the kitchen so she can watch as I chop, mince, measure, and stir. She loves it and it's become somewhat therapeutic for me. On Saturday we ventured to our local farmer's market where we bought sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, basil, peppers, and a few other delights. I've mashed the sweet potatoes, sauteed the squash and zucchini, made jalapeno cornbread, chopped the basil and heirlooms and made an incredible Caprese pasta. Tonight...I'll tackle shrimp and grits...using the stone milled grits we recently bought at the honor box at Sciples Mill in Kemper County, Mississippi...a water mill that's been in continuous operation since 1790. I think I enjoy the history of the food as much or maybe more than the actual cooking process itself...I come from a family of farmers and as much as I've strayed from that country road...I will always love the simpleness of fresh food, prepared with love. Now...does Prada make an apron?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Bud

Sometimes people, things...come into our lives and make such a mark that you just can't get them off your mind. From their brief glance...long stare...shared kisses, stroke of the hair just behind the ear where they like it the's love at first sight. Such was the case over the 4th weekend...out of nowhere he came. His laid back spirit, stranger to no one demeanor makes him the best friend anyone could ever have. Soon, the husband ventured over to inquire about him as he could see my affection welling up...but we knew that despite his quest for love and attention...and possibly a little table grazing...he...Buddy, wasn't for sale. He belongs to someone...everyone...and his undeniable cuteness, fleas and all, will be there to greet us the next time we're out that way...kicking up dust and falling in love with the ways of a country dog.
image: Buddy dog hanging out...what he does best!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's things

"Sparkle Britches"
These sparkly sequined shorts from Anthropologie have become such a favorite summer staple of mine. They're part gym shorts with their comfy wide drawstring waist and t-shirt lined inside...and part PARTY! I've worn them with a breezy white tissue tee and flip flops, a black blazer and heels, and most recently an even more casual New Orleans Saints tee and flip flops. Point is...whatever you choose to wear with them, they go with everything, are super comfy, will garner loads of compliments and maybe even the nickname of "sparkle britches" too!
image credit: Anthropologie

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. We had a great time...with great friends! When all was said and done we danced, laughed, talked for hours and slept very little. We cooked a whole pig, did sparklers and a fireworks display that would rival a small town's celebration. Though we are sad to leave...we are grateful for the time we got with everyone and the memories we made...until next year! image credit: Childe Hassam

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ode to Ruby

Goodbye's are hard for me no matter the situation...which is why I'm greatly dreading the inevitable "goodbye" that's ahead of me. Ruby...I loved her before I even knew her. I dreamt of her lines and boxy compartments, her Harmon Kardon stereo, her ability to navigate rough terrain, her ability to give me a bird's eye view of the roads before me and her leather and suede accoutrement's. She's been with me through highs and lows, she's never left me stranded even when she would sometimes overheat, she's been to the beach, to the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500, the U.S. Gran Prix, the Makers Mark Distillery, New Orleans, the many places. The toddler came home from the hospital in her safe and sound...and her first day of pre-school, 1st birthday party and 2nd birthday party. We've tailgated with Ruby in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia before football games and basked in the streaming sun from her dual sunroofs. We've loved her dearly for the 9 years we've called her ours and it's hard to imagine giving her up, but...she's aging and sadly...being non-human and all, she's not eligible for Medicare! After years of love, years of repairs, years of memories and what's sure to be a very hard "goodbye"'s time. And so, as I begin to look at what my options are, knowing we will never be able to replace her, I hope that she won't suffer, that her next owner will love her us as much as we have and still do, and that they are super wealthy...because, like her Momma (moi), she is high maintenance, and likes the most expensive things! You will be missed beloved Land Rover.
image credit:
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