Thursday, February 10, 2011

February's things - day 10

I love the rawness of a Polaroid picture...the spontaneity of that little square framed in white. I have a Polaroid 600 camera and though the love runs does the sadness that something so full of nostalgia is quickly becoming something truly of the past. The 600 film is no longer in production...though you can still purchase it online from various vendors the prices are astronomical. In an "instant" the spark of spontaneity that made the Polaroid 600 what it forever gone. You snap far less frequently...but I suppose in a way more thoughtfully...the Husband always saying "don't waste it". And so, I ordered a pack of black and white film for mine just last week...eight photos for $32...
now that's what I call true love!
p.s. you can still purchase a Polaroid instant camera...just not the old ones. I'm sure the new ones are super cool but well, as a Southerner...change is hard.
image credit: top: apartment therapy. bottom:

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