Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tiger town

The husband and I have returned from tiger town and are both exhausted and excited to have spent such a wonderful week at the ivy...feeling college-aged again! We spent nearly every evening dancing and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. On every corner and at every turn there is a piece of history...from the meeting place of the Continental Congress to the historic Blair Arch we had a blast being a part of something so special...and maybe making some new history in turn...from surprise performances by the Beach Boys to Naughty By Nature (yes..."you down with OPP") to fabulous food and non-stop fun we are proud to have been a part of Reunions this year! Hopefully the toddler will be able to follow in her Grandfather, Uncle, and Great-grandfather's footsteps one day...we would be so proud!
p.s. I know I missed yet another "Thursday's things" last week but since my Blackberry is so quirky with posting I decided to just resume that post this week.
image credit: Princeton University band...taken by me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

east - west

So, as mentioned in an earlier post, the husband and I will be venturing to the "ivy" this week and I'm in the final throes of wardrobe assembly. While looking for inspiration from my already jam-packed closet and possibly a few "something new" items (yes, I know this is a bridal term but I apply it as necessary when beneficial to...well, anything to do with fashion) I began to stress about possible ensembles. You see, usually I find that longed for inspiration from catalogs and magazines but after perusing all that I have, I sort of gave up and just decided to rely on my usual uniforms of choice...outfits I've tried and tested that have proved successful and fun to wear but maybe not as exciting as I had hoped for. But alas, just when I had made a little list of items to pack I stumbled upon the most wonderful fashion blog that has filled me with so much inspiration I may actually need to take two suitcases! Atlantic - Pacific is a blog of genius proportions. Though I'm late to the party...as this San Fran cutie has been featured on TONS of websites and in other media, I am super pumped to have found her! Today I...as Michael Scott from The Office said..."finished the Internet" - well, not really but I did finish Atlantic - Pacific. I read her very first post all the way to her most current post...well over 100. And while I say "read", it's very little reading actually, only photos of her outfits and then mention of each item's designer or store it was purchased...right down to the color of her nail polish. And in conclusion...there were zero outfits I didn't like, there were TONS that I loved and I have made it my mission to learn to accessorize more thoughtfully. She accessorizes like a maniac and it makes every "look" amazing. Please check this blog out if you're looking for inspiration from your tired wardrobe of staples as I was. I promise you won't be disappointed. And while I don't have the confidence to sport some of the looks I'm certain I'll be able to learn a thing or two and so will you!
p.s. I don't personally know this blogger mentioned above so this isn't a shameless plug but rather a "you're gonna die when you see this girl's style" kind of plug!
image credit: Atlantic Pacific

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's things

Boat and Tote
Nothing says summer...or winter or fall or spring...like the L.L. Bean classic Boat and Tote. I love everything about them. In an array of colors and sizes annnnnd monogram-able they are the perfect accessory to well, anything! Whether you're clad in Chanel or nautical stripes the Boat and Tote goes! Now, I wonder what color I'll get next!
image credit: L.L. Bean

Friday, May 13, 2011

hide your eyes

It's Friday the 13th and while I am terrified of scary movies, I also crave the thrill of them from time to time. And so, here it is a rainy, stormy Friday night and I'm thinking a night of Jason and Freddy and all their friends might be in order. I'm hoping the cult classics won't scare me as much as they did when I was younger but I doubt that'll be the case. The husband and I rented and watched The Ring years ago and we couldn't even go to the bathroom by ourselves afterwards! We're older now and parents which makes us more brave right? Camp Crystal Lake here we come!
image credit: cgi.ebay.com

Thursday's things

Very strange but I posted Thursday's things yesterday as well as some design changes and now NONE of that is here. Sooooo, I will repost...

Pink Grapefruit

I love love love grapefruit...but especially the pink variety! I could probably eat it for every meal...sprinkled with a little sugar. Anything with a little grapefruit in it gets my attention...from salads to cocktails I'm a sucker for this pretty pink pucker!

image credit: ivolving appetites

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

swim lessons

Recently the husband and I attended an engagement party for a dear friend...with dear friends...at the house of a dear friend. Late as always, we ventured down the street...nearing the front door and at that precise moment where you can take the grass or take the stairs, the husband said..."hey, you wanna grass it?" My response...a simple but direct..."no"...mainly because I had on my best pair of Stuart Weitzman's and because the entire front of our friend's home is windows and I didn't want to be traipsing through the grass... to which he replied..."I forgot you aren't fun anymore". Okay, so he jokes around like this a lot and I admit, there are things I used to haphazardly do that I now think long and hard about...over thinking most everything...partly because I'm older and well, maybe because I'm a Mom. I don't know, either way, I know I'm still "fun" whether that means "grassing" it or not. With that said, I started thinking about how sometimes we forget things...I forget things. I forget that it's okay to be silly, it's okay to let go sometimes and not plan everything out. Which got me thinking...right after the husband and I got married we had the luxury of living with his parents. I can say that now even though at the time I wanted more than anything for us to have our own place. Grass is always greener...our meals were prepared...breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our laundry always done, our bed always made, "our" house always clean, and no bills...like I said, grass is always greener. Also, a nice bonus was that the husband's childhood friend who also happened to be his cross-the-street neighbor, had a pool which we were free to use anytime we wanted. With nothing but free time on our hands we found ourselves over there a lot. This was not your fiberglass, vinyl liner number...this was a real pool, Hollywood style...gunite...inlaid tile and inset hot tub. At first I approached it as I have every pool since I was old enough to crave a tan, cool off, and relax...I dipped in, stood around bobbing up and down, dog paddled, and then would get out...only to repeat all of that after I was hot again. The husband however took a much different approach. He cannonballed, and jumped, and flailed around and went down the late model slide. Yep...a good ole slide. A slide that he as a teenager would go down sans clothing so as to gain top speed, never minding that the privacy fence was a good foot below the view from the top of the slide, therefore gracing every passerby with his bum. As he recounted this story to me many times over I began to realize that I did get bored often on our visits over there. No, no, I didn't go down the slide...ever...but I did let the husband teach me how to swim again. You see, I knew how to swim, I could do the breast stroke, back stroke, even a sloppy butterfly, but...I forgot how to "swim"...how to have fun. Why had I stopped jumping in over and over only to get out and, well, do it again and again. That day I dove and did the can opener, and back flip and hand stands in the shallow end trying to hold my breath longer than the husband. I was a kid again. I was "swimming" again. And so, as I write this and think about that time at the pool that summer, I have decided to try to approach each day with a renewed spirit, running instead of walking, laughing when I should be quiet, and...walking through the grass! image credit: arlingtonva.us

Sunday, May 8, 2011

forgive me...

please forgive me...my laptop has a virus, the toddler has a virus and i can only post via blackberry which allows no uppercase letters for some odd reason. alas, tomorrow is a new week and i'm hoping the news from the sick bay is good! until then, forgive my absence...i promise to be back in full form as soon as possible - capital letters and all!
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