Sunday, February 20, 2011

February's things - day 20

Rotary Phones
I can almost hear it now...if I close my eyes and think real hard...that sound of the dial winding...up and down. I miss that deliberateness of calling someone from a rotary phone...when you picked up the receiver...had set enough time aside in your busy day to sit down and talk to someone...finger or pencil or pen placed in the dial and pulled to perfection. Most of my memories...even though I grew up with a rotary phone for a while...are from my grandmother's house. I can remember sitting at her kitchen table...wedged in the seat...hanging on every number...hanging and twirling the cord as I talked about the day...the weather...plans for the summer and seeing just how far I could get across the kitchen with phone in hand and cord unfurled...nearly flat. I guess I miss that time as much as I miss the actual phone. I would love to get my hands on a true rotary phone to use in my own house. I love the cord, the dial, it's shiny regal appearance, it's hearty's permanence. Now...I wonder if Tiffany's still sells the sterling rotary phone dialer?
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