Tuesday, December 28, 2010

le nouvel an nouveaux commencements

I can't believe it has come and gone... and now a new year awaits us. So much has happened this past year...so much to be grateful for...so much to ponder. With that said, I'm going to take a little time before flipping the calendar page...to reflect...regroup...and remember that...family and friends are supreme...thank-you notes and real...paper invitations are ALWAYS appreciated...the North is a great place to visit...the South is a great place to live...only a dog will love you unconditionally...toddlers are fast...and Christian Louboutin flats are like peep-toe rain boots...pointless. So I say this...here's to the New Year...and a conscious effort to miss no opportunities to live life to it's fullest...enjoying every moment...eating on the fine china...everyday...toasting with the crystal...everyday...going to bed earlier...chambray, sequins and stripes...ironic twists...and...holding hands. Cheers! p.s. xoxo for reading this little blog of mine this year...I'm eternally grateful for your...er, free time! Happy reading in the new year!

image credit: Salix Studio

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fa la la la la...la la la la

As mentioned in an earlier post...the holidays are upon us and I'm in full tilt holiday mode...reminiscent of the Scrambler the Husband and I rode at the fair in August. Running around town picking up gifts for everyone...and maybe a few for myself, baking holiday cookies for the Toddler's class at school, stamping the Toddler's hand print on a dozen pottery items at the local "you paint it" pottery store. And, when not doing all of the schlepping I'm sitting and sitting and sitting in the relentless traffic that seems to somehow triple around this time of year. While I love it all I am delirious and tired and...we are still a week out. But, that got me thinking...about tradition. Since the Husband and I married 11 years ago we have "flip-flopped" the holidays with our family's. If mine get us for Thanksgiving then the Husband's get us for Christmas and vice versa. Takes the guesswork out of things and eases everyone's feelings if they know in advance when not to expect us. But...for the sake of this post and the tradition I was versed in as a child...it goes like this...one gift on Christmas Eve followed by watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (and trying not to recite the entire movie aloud as the Husband says "it ruins it" Ha!). Santa and the rest of the gifts we do on Christmas morning. Stockings come last and are usually some of my favorite things. (note: when given the choice of picking your stocking, choose one that is knit or crocheted as it will stretch to any size to accomodate...anything...until Mom catches on and fills the lower half with fruit...boo!) Mom bakes a breakfast casserole Christmas morning and wassail will fill the air. We have to open one gift at a time so Mom and Dad don't miss a reaction and Mom and Dad have to be forced to open their gifts. Before the Toddler, I would usually pack up all the stuff I received and retreat to my room to go over every item...pouring over the surprises and "can't believe I got it" things. Then in a thick fog of LL Bean, sausage, JCrew, coffee, and Bing Crosby...we clamor to get ready for the day, and...over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's, Aunt's, Cousin's, etc...we go. Gran will make pound cake and hopefully chicken & dumplings. And at some point we'll squeeze in a showing of "A Christmas Story" during the all-day marathon on AMC or TBS. Now that we have the Toddler...the first grandchild(on my side)...the only grandchild(on my side)...things are a little different...in a good way. I've always heard people say that when you experience Christmas through the eyes of a child it's unbeatable. Funny, I once was a...er, child and can remember Christmas...I remember it quite well and while I am nostalgic for the days of my youth, I had no idea everyone was "watching" Christmas...through my eyes. But alas, I am excited for the Toddler and excited for the reaction she will have on Christmas morning. I am excited to share the tradition with her (even though we'll have to watch the "made for TV" version of Christmas Vacation...language and rubber sheets are well, prohibitive). I am excited for the loved ones I will see and the possible Bean Boots I may get??? And so I say this, the gifts may be different every year, it may be 80 degrees instead of freezing...yes, it's the South, and the "must have item" may be "out" by February...but, one thing's for sure, there will be Clark Griswold, Cousin Eddie, pound cake, chicken & dumplings, unflattering pictures taken, and we'll all...have a ball! ..."play ball" - Aunt Bethany - Christmas Vacation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZBmiBKRTfo image credit: mydeco.com

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

clothes line

Everyday I'm faced with a decision. Not a big...life-changing one but a big one for me nonetheless. One that can speak volumes but, in the grand scheme of things really doesn't matter...especially not now. The decision? How to dress the Toddler. Not for weather or purpose but for personality...who she is. Take Shiloh Pitt and Suri Cruise for example. Both young girls, close in age, but very different...in style...that is. Are these choices made by their parents or are they, as Mama Cruise and Mama Pitt contend, the girls choices. "Shiloh wants to dress like a boy" per Angie and "Suri will not wear pants" per Kate. If that's the case I'm fine with it...choices are good. I'm anxiously excited to get to a point when my two year old can make those decisions...a costume in July, a cape with every outfit. I like the thought of that existential character coming out and seeing how her choices unfold but until then I can't help but feel I'm shaping her. After all, I'm the one that ultimately gives her the choices from which she will...er, choose. I'm the one that fills her closet and shelves. And I guess I just hope that I am matching her personality. Things she likes...things that are comfortable. I've been there, tugging at a hemline, clawing at a neckline, wishing I had on something else...letting my clothes ruin my day. But, I picked those clothes...I have no one to blame. From time to time I'll ask her what she wants to wear and in the sweetest..."duh" voice she says, "clothes". And I'm reminded that she's two, yet still sometimes I wonder if the clothes will "match" the child...teen...person, she will become. Nope, these aren't (really) life changing decisions, but...it's something I think about. I can remember certain outfits I wore growing up...ones I loved and ones I hated. I wore them despite the shorts being too short for my liking or the halter coming untied so many times that I took the skin off my neck re-tying it a million times. Yes, I was a bit older then but as menial as it is I can't help but think that these choices shape us. Smocked dresses or tutus with Converse sneakers? I lean toward the latter...the unexpected...the excitement of a bold color...after all, the toddler herself is well, unexpected...bold and exciting. And so, I've determined nothing...except...there will come a day when nothing in her closet will do, but if I love her no matter the bow-less, non-girly days, or pant-less Burberry dress filled toddler heels then that's all that matters. She'll make her choices, she'll become who she's meant to be and I'll look back on this and know that she became the editor of Vogue for a reason. Shaping her? What?
image credit: Bella Symphony's Etsy Shop

Thursday, December 2, 2010

and a partridge in a pear tree...

And so, now the holiday season is upon us...marked by Burl Ives' Rudolph the Red Nose marionette-esque classic that is both heartwarming and creepy, the lighting of the menorah, and gift giving...it's December and time to get festive. While the tone of this post is, well...different...it is still full of sentiment and deep thought and, er... impossibly deep pockets. In classic holiday form I will put forth my list of items I'm sure to adore and treasure! A few rules...don't judge me...don't mock me, and most of all don't confuse me with one of those blogs that suggests items that you must own...shameless plugging of jewelry, clothes, housewares, etc...although I must admit...they're actually some of my favorite blogs! I've begged no questions here and pondererd only sizes and color...below is a wish list of things I've asked for...for me, not suggestions for you, your brother, mother, sister, cousin, etc. If they so happen to like the same thing and it helps you cross them off your list then very well but, in no way shape or form am I urging you to purchase listed items to be cool, hip, or swanky. Although, I do have impeccable taste! Naughty...I know! La liste des trésors: -------------------- 1. L.L. Bean Boots...Signature collection 10" 2. L.L. Bean Adirondack Barn Coat - (classic and yet long enough to cover your classic arse!) 3. Chance Classic Striped Boatneck in Navy and Red (you can never have enough striped shirts) 4. The Satorialist by Scott Schuman (book) 5. a haircut and color 6. Hermes Birkin Bag (yes, I know...but if someone else is on the waiting list and subsequently pays for it then...swoon!) 7. Tory Burch Greta Wedge Clog 8. Papabubble candy rings 9. a Sarah Ashley Longshore original 10. Mignon Faget Animal Crackers Pelican Pendant 11. sleep 12. a James Audubon print 13. Chanel ballet flats 14. dinner on the beach with champagne 15. Phonekerchief (for dear friends at dinner) 16. Jonathan Adler peacock lollipop holder 17. a perfect pair of black pants 18. Timex field watch with colorful bands 19. Garden and Gun Secret Society membership 20. patience "That's all" - Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada image credit - Jonathan Adler Peacock Lollipop holder, www.jonathanadler.com
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