Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's things

That's summer would be complete without an airbrush t-shirt and although it's been years since I've purchased one, last week while on vacation at the beach, my sister and I decided that we would get one..."bring back airbrush" cute would some neon brushed air peeking out from behind a black blazer with some faded jeans? Well, little did we know as we stared at the loaded walls of design options and as we approached the pharmacy-esqe desk...the artists were raised up on a platform for all to watch, apparently airbrush never "went out". Sadly we won't be bringing anything back as we were informed by the high-on-fumes checkout girl that the wait for airbrush pick-up was...7 hours! And so, as we hung our sunburned heads we vowed to go straight to the shop much sooner next time we're at the beach!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Royal Pain

I suppose it's okay for me to write about this...enough time has passed for my opinion to probably fall on deaf ears as possibly the only thing we can remember at this point is the ring, the dress, and the kiss(es)...oh, and the sister...but here goes...I love a wedding...attending one, planning one, dancing at get the idea. And, I love all things English...the accent, the union jack, the prestige, the get the idea. However, I do not understand the love affair that was with the Royal Wedding a few months ago. Though I contemplated planning a party (seriously, the decorations would be sooo cute and fun) to sip Pimm's Cups, nosh on finger sandwiches, fish and chips, and watch the wedding in all it's pomp...I just don't know what all the hype was about. I know he's second in line to the throne, I know he's got smashing good looks, I know she wore Diana's ring (which is both nostalgic and beautiful), I know every detail was exquisite. But, in my opinion it parallels the Bachelor Weddings on much hype, so much media, so much decoration. Seems to me it takes away from the privy of it all...the elitism, the pureness. Maybe I'm just bitter I didn't receive an invite but enough already with the t-shirts and mugs and tote bags, and plates and magnets, and such. The bookstore down the street from my house had a William and Kate section, you could buy just about anything from programs to bobble heads. And as the Royals were scrambling to plan a Royal wedding, every day commoners were scrambling to be their "look alikes", Lifetime scrambled to make a "made for TV movie" with all the sordid details of their courtship, though I'm unsure how Lifetime has Royal intel, and the Today Show scrambled to send some lucky person to attend. I just think it cliche and overdone. And so, even though I watched, as did the rest of the world, and even though I did kind of wish I was there (a tiny bit), I don't know that I was quite as enamored. Yes, it was beautiful, yes, it will forever be, historical event, I guess I just felt it odd that a family that is so private and secretive in their every day life, to let all of the world view such a sacred event was all very, "hey look at me" of them. Harry, my suggestion...elope!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's things

still on vacation...will be back to posting next week! please excuse my absence as i soak up a little more sun!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday's things, Saturday

Another major thunderstorm here that I had the unfortunate task of driving in...through hail and flooded streets and sideways rain that knocked out my internet again but I promised Thursday's things and while it's just a wee past midnight and technically Saturday...a promise is a promise...

Vintage Lilly

Nothing says summer like Lilly...Pulitzer, that is. And vintage Lilly makes it even better. I've had the luck of finding three 1950's era Lilly's and a pair of glorious printed Lilly pants at a local vintage shop over the years and each time I wear the items I get loads of compliments! There's something so nostalgic...something so carefree (after all, the print was to hide juice stains!) and most of all something so comfortable about them. So, as we head to the coast tomorrow for some fun in the sun and Lilly's neatly packed and I'll take heart in knowing I'll be the brightest one at the beach! image credit: A Privileged Life

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's things...

well, after awaking to the toddler's eye swollen shut and a trip to the ear infection, antibiotics and eye drops later...then a call from the mechanic saying he's throwing in the towel on repairing my car, followed by a crazy electrical/thunderstorm rendering our cable, phone, and internet useless...i too, am throwing in the towel for today. and, as you can see i'm updating from my blackberry which allows no capitalization! awesome! please check back tomorrow for today's "thursday's things".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

from the bottom of my heart

Every now and then something sneaks up on was the case when I realized that I have now had 100 posts on this little blog of mine...over 100 actually. When I decided to get these random thoughts out of my head and onto proverbial paper, I had no idea how things would go...if I would stay inspired, if I would run out of things to write about and most of all...if I would have any readers. And so, after a year of happy writing and 100's of posts I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am over the moon that I took a leap of creative faith and let you into my little world. I am over the moon for the support from all my family and friends that I have shamelessly pushed little "business" cards on ( yes, I have cards only because the husband said no one would know how to spell "poignant" when looking my blog up), and most of all for my readers. I gain nothing from this blog but I'm eternally grateful for having an outlet to express my likes, dislikes, opinions, general ramblings and questions of life. So, as if I were accepting an Oscar (or Tony) I would like to thank the husband and toddler the most...the husband for putting up with my incessant question "did you read my blog today?" and to my dear sweet daughter...the toddler...thank you for putting up with Mommy logging hours on the computer. Thank you, thank you to everyone for your free time that you devote to the Poignant Pelican! xoxo
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

curtain call

Every year...about this time, I'm reminded that I've missed my calling. However, when I was a kid I can remember my parents watching the Tony's and thinking it was the worst show ever. Now that I'm older (much older) I can't get enough of the Tony Awards. It seems everyone who is anyone in showbiz attends the Tony's and is a part of a show whether you know the name of it or the theater that presents it night after night. There is something so raw and alluring about the live performances. Something so fresh and believable...real. I know that I've got "it" in me because my parents always said I was sooooo overtly animated about everything...from waging a battle of begging for a dog or my performance that had a year long run based on why my parents should sell our house to move to a neighborhood where all my friends lived so I could go to school with them and swim in my boyfriend's pool...a convincing performance I must say as we did indeed move after all. Drama I got, but my biggest enemy are nerves. And I know, they say all actors are nervous before a performance and if you aren't then you aren't giving it your all. But you see, If those nerves are so bad you can't even take the stage...then you won't be winning any Tony's anytime soon. You see, I can barely take the stage at the seediest karaoke bar in town despite cheering from my friends, I'm still so overcome with fear that I can never hit the high notes. Yet I'm always amazed how easily the actors on the Tony's deliver their performances and speeches with such ease...nothing stumps them...they're not too cool to not the Oscars...they're not so bourgeoisie that they are on display for their designer duds (although I do love that part). Nope, they are there for the sheer talent they deliver night after night, live...on the spot...with an audience. Sure, they rehearse, they know it all by heart but there's still something to it that lights a fire from deep within me. And so, while I know I'll never be the "star" of Broadway...I give a pretty good performance at my house each and every the spot, which is...well, technically "off Broadway"...right?
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's things

It's not just for hunting anymore...or starting revolutions or hiding out...the camo utility jacket from jcrew has recently become a staple in my wardrobe. Paired with white denim, jeans, shorts, or skirts...the look is amazing and offers a masculine vibe to airy summer staples. Also, adding a cute pin, silk flower, or punchy fluorescent belt is a win win!
And so, while the husband cringes a little every time I put it on and the Rambo jokes are plenty...I feel confident the only revolution I'm starting is a fashion one!
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday's things

Monogram Necklaces
Any girl from the South knows that a monogram makes everything fact, I can still remember gazing longingly at the monogram necklaces, rings, and earrings in the perfectly illuminated case at Gayfers when I was a kid. I would beg for years before finally receiving a pair of gold monogram dangle earrings...that I still wear despite them being my initials prior to marriage! And so now, I'm on a quest to add a monogram necklace to my "initial" collection. This time I'm opting for the double hung larger than life version. Hopefully the husband will take note...there are exactly 118 days until my birthday but...who's counting?
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