Wednesday, October 17, 2012

when I grow up

If you could have any job in the world...what would it be?  Recently I've been thinking about that.  As silly a question as it is, it's recently become something of an endeavor for figure out what in the world I'm supposed to be doing.  I've always had an office type position and never really felt completely settled or fulfilled.  Having gone back to work about 3 months ago I'm working out of my home now and while that sounds all's really been tough.  Partly because of the self-motivation, although the pace of the job has been so fast and furious I haven't as of late had trouble with that.  Maybe it's the actual stuff I'm doing...whatever it is, I know that I have that unsettled feeling.  That feeling that I should be doing something more...something creative.  I mean, I've got so much creative energy that there are times that my ear might come into question (think Van Gogh).  But, here's the do you capitalize on a quality that is hard to define?  People love to hire creative minds and forward thinkers but how do you get into that chair in their stark, bold office to profess your love of all, abstract (think: outside of the box, bold thinking, artsy qualities)?  For years and years I tried to wedge my Manolo's into the razor thin door of a local advertising/magazine powerhouse...only to be told time and time again that I either had no experience or they weren't hiring.  And so, I pushed the idea of doing what I wanted to do creatively to the side and went to work doing a mundane job just like most of the people my age.  Then I started to wonder...and still do to an extent...does anyone truly love what they do.  I mean, on a day to day basis, does anyone get up in the morning excited to go to whatever it is that they do? I don't mean the workaholic type...I've known many of those.  I'm talking about someone who can't conceal the smile on their face when they talk about what they do.  That is what I want.  What do you want?

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gossip girl

Good lawd!  I have just had a major realization and I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't put two and two lacquered door-classic-Hermes-esque things together.  But...turns out, that little post I wrote a while ago...C. Wonder, well turns out the man behind the name is the ex-husband of fashion mogul Tory Burch.  That's right, Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who helped Tory launch her brand and is still a shareholder in Tory Burch, LLC.  And now? guessed it...he's mad as hell!  How did I miss this scandal?  Well, maybe it's not really a hot topic right now but after Brian Williams' NBC interview this Thursday about her empire and how "there's a dark cloud" over it...I bet people will be talking.  And so, because...despite my stalker tendencies, I know neither of them...I can honestly say that I love both.  Albeit, C.Wonder is much more affordable and looks just as great and classic.  I can't wait to get all the gritty details about this but for now...let's compare.  Below are photos of each store.  Orange is Tory's...Green is Chris's...

You draw your own conclusions but the resemblance is striking.  Now, I've got to find that brass pelican I spy on the top shelf of C. Wonder's store!  Seriously...I need it!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I came across this blog post via Lost while perusing another blog fave of mine...and it resonated with me...I often find myself doing this exact thing.  Although, being southern we don't take trains to work unless we are indeed the conductor, engineer or wayward teenager(who is actually going nowhere).  Nonetheless...something to think about...

I have a new route to work now. On an overground train that passes parks and houses and a school, that passes other trains. On which I stand closely to strangers for about eight minutes, never more than 10. Sometimes our hands touch as the train lurches and one of us reaches for something to hold on to. Other times I accidentally make eye contact with the done-up blonde or the two men in suits, at least one of whom must feel choked by his tie, the other choked by expectation, regret, any of life’s other nooses.

Often I imagine what it feels like to be the wives of the men wearing wedding rings, to be the children of the mothers who can talk about nothing but them, to be the done-up blonde with everything so perfect and smooth and I wonder how many people ever get to be the version of themselves they wished they could become. 
And so, I think about what I wanted to be when I grew up...the version I've become.  Though the profession changed many times, the husband part, mother part, child part, I accomplished.  The "everything so perfect and smooth" part mentioned above...not so much.  But then, that's what makes us who we are and makes us strive to be better at the versions of ourselves that we imagined.

image credit: fifty-fifty clown via flickr

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Very very close to being back at this.  For now...I'm entering a blue in navy.  Also considering white skinny jeans and riding boots paired with a fisherman's sweater, separately considering evening earrings for daytime, preppy ball caps for evening...seriously, my world is upside down.  And well...I'm kinda getting used to it and maybe enjoying the frenetic pace a little.?! For now though...all I can think about is SLEEP, SLEEP, and more SLEEP.  I'm so incredibly tired!  Stars would be nice too!
Can't wait to detail all the craziness soon.  Stay tuned. 

p.s. love love love this print!

image credit: katie daisy
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