Monday, August 27, 2012

eye of the storm

Given the fact that I've missed the last two "Thursday's things"...and trying to play catch up in all aspects of my life...somehow I feel like I'm in the eye of the storm.  I'll be back...just need a breather to figure out this new schedule of a million house showings, conference calls galore, and preschooler changes.  Ironically, nearly 7 years ago to the date I took a job with a company right before Hurricane Katrina hit and unleashed it's fury on New Orleans.  And here we are again...similarities eerie...I'm back working for the same company (essentially after buyouts and trades, etc.) and we have another hurricane in the Gulf trying to be all "I'm just like Katrina"...once again eyeing the Gulf coast and New Orleans.  So as to possibly break the crazy similar voodoo-esque chain of events I have to focus on some other things for a bit.  In the meantime...head over to some of my very favorite blogs...

Happy reading and I'll see ya soon!

image credit: site for art

Sunday, August 19, 2012

winding down

With summer winding down, I find myself clinging to the last days of freedom, days at the pool, weekends at the beach, and lazy days of relaxing.  What better way to bid summer farewell than with a few old movies that always make me think of those long fleeting summer days.  While I could go on and on, here are some of my favorite: Dirty Dancing...I mean, a family vacation in the mountains, love, scandal, swimming, and dancing...what could be better?  Next up, Bull Durham...such a great movie for so many reasons featuring the boys of summer and well...Kevin Costner!  And then there's Say's the beginning of summer and Lloyd Dobbler does the impossible and spends a summer with the girl of his dreams...who wouldn't want to date a guy like Lloyd? And, last but not least, National Lampoon's Family Vacation...the "old family truckster", a dead family member, a crazy cousin, a cross country trek to an amusement park that's closed for repairs...summer fun at it's best!
Things have been crazy here the past couple weeks.  The toddler is now a preschooler, I've taken a job, and the preschooler started a new school.  With that said...we could all use a good movie day!  What are your favorite summertime movies? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's things

Lucky Dog

When I came across this gem I was completely smitten!  If you know anything about New Orleans, you know the Lucky Dog!  The rolling hot dog carts that dot the street corners in the French Quarter for late night revelers and just plain ole hungry folk alike...a New Orleans tradition.  So, when local jeweler, Mignon Faget, debuted the Dawn DeDeaux- Lucky Dog necklace in sterling...knowing my love for Mignon Faget and all things New Orleans, I knew I had to have one!  And, maybe I'll have a little luck on my, around my neck!

Go ahead...get a dog of your own here!

image credit: mignon faget

Monday, August 6, 2012

Thursday's things...on Monday

If not the seemingly endless swimsuit season...the olympics have made me wish I was more sporty...or at least had a more sporty body!  With the change of seasons nearing, I have decided that I have to make a change as well or I will soon be the spokesperson for things that jiggle and I'm not talking about JELLO!  I guess somewhere between chasing the toddler, I've found time to sit a little too long therefore making my muscles sag with sadness!  So, here's to making those muscles smile, here's to a future of non-skirted bathing suit bottoms, and to waving with an arm raised high in a sleeveless shirt without knocking anyone out!  What's your favorite way to stay fit...and have fun doing it? 
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