Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday's things...on Sunday

Apparently the heat has gone to my head!  With temps soaring into the 100's...and those are actual temps not including heat index, (which in my opinion is never really accurate.  For instance, if it's 107 degrees it was yesterday, the actual "feels like" or heat index was probably 200 degrees rather than the 115 they predicted!) it's been hard to keep on track of what day it is and what I need to do...other than go to the pool!  Yesterday we spent the morning swimming and the afternoon ice skating.  Yes, even the pool was too hot!  You had to stay in the water the entire time and with the growing crowd it was nearly impossible to keep some personal space!  Ice skating was fun but with the toddler new to the ice and with the husband's and my aged ankles we could only seek refuge in the ice room for about an hour.  Alas, we're tucked inside today with all the curtains drawn and the air working overtime to keep us cool.  We're gonna venture out for a popsicle later this afternoon...I'm already thinking I'm gonna need more than one!  And so, in the tone and gruff and confidence of the Dos Equis beer, cool, my friends!

image credit: the weather channel

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