Monday, June 25, 2012


Recently I've noticed something.  It's very small and usually something that people talk about during the holidays but I've noticed that the toddler has "them" all the time.  And I can't help but wonder that if we were to just take a facial cue from the little ones we might view the world a little differently, a little better, a little more enlightened.  In nearly every photo (except the ones where she's squirming and uncooperative), and in nearly every instance of daily life...whether we are out and about on daily errands or doing something comepletely new, the toddler has a wide eyed look of wonderment...raised eyebrows...wondering what is around each and every corner...through every single door.  What if we were that enthusiastic about what life holds for us?  What if we were as excited to see what comes next?  Granted, there are days that the tears are plenty and every corner sharp...every door closed, but in general it seems that everything is a true connection.  She anticipates each activity as if it could be something super.  If we all took this approach we might actually see something new or look at things differently, notice something that's been there all the while but we were too set in our ways to actually see it...take it all in.  And so, I think maybe I'll try to figure out a way to be more excited about each day...each errand, each door I open.  At the very least, all this eyebrow raising will make me look more awake...maybe!

image credit: curiositykills

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