Tuesday, July 31, 2012

future olympiad

Last week the toddler started her first formal swimming lessons...just in time for the Olympics and I must say watching the women's and men's swimming events each night has helped get her excited about being in the water.  She loves to "swim" but her idea thus far has been holding on to me or the husband, jumping off the side whilst holding our hands and landing with such precision so as to not get her face wet.  Last week was day to day at swim lessons...one day she was fine...the next day she was a mess.  I am happy to report that as of yesterday she has turned a corner.  I couldn't keep her out of the water yesterday and all she wanted to do was "go under"...a far cry from the bartering she was doing with her teacher last week.  And so, as we watched Missy Franklin win her first gold medal at the age of 17 last night...the husband and I wondered aloud if we might be able to watch our little girl do the same thing one day.  Lofty aspirations...I know, but...anything is possible, right?

image: the toddler getting her game face on.
p.s. as you can tell from the photo above...I'm stretching the title of "toddler"  given her size...I know.  But she's only three!

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