Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Let's talk about tennis shoes for a minute...I love the idea of a sneaker but for some reason I can't get over the look of them.  Even the cute ones.  Even while I was pregnant and my feet had rebelled against every shoe I tried, I couldn't seem to fit them into my wardrobe.  No matter how cute, they make me feel clunky and unattractive.  With that said...you wouldn't know I felt that way since I have at least 20 pair of tennis shoes in my faux walk-in closet right now.  I've got seersucker ConverseConverse in nautical colors, navy Keds (don't judge, I'm a child of the 70's), Brooks running shoes, New Balance running shoes and the likes there of.  But, what I want is a tennis shoe I can wear with skinny jeans...less sporty and more preppy (again, I'm a child of the 70's and teen of the 80's).  I've seen the Superga's that are cute and trendy with the Hollywood/LA set, and I've tried to remember why I loved Keds to begin with but each time I feel more kindergarten teacher (not that there is anything wrong with that) and less trendsetter.  So, in thinking back to the days that I popped on a tennis shoe without any thought and wore them until the rubber cracked and the laces frayed, I finally came up with what it was I loved...no, it wasn't the high top Reebok's that I sported with doubled up socks...though they were really comfortable...nope, it was Tretorn.  How could I have forgotten?  I had them in yellow, and white, and pink.  And judging by the fact I had three pair, I'm pretty certain the price was not what it is today!  Recently, I've seen Tretorn's making a comeback in J.Crew catalogs, and in some of the glossies but I haven't actually seen anyone wearing them. But, I think that's about to change...if I have anything to do with it.  After visiting the Tretorn site, I'm "torn" on which one's to get...I want all of the classic Nylite canvas ones.  They come in a range of colors now but I have a feeling I'll default to the old school classic white with pop of color.  I can't remember if they were comfortable.  I don't remember them being uncomfortable but that's never stopped me from buying a shoe I loved...the husband can attest to this.  And so, Tretorn it is...hopefully this will fill my preppy-goes-with-anything-tennis shoe fetish...er, craving!

image credit: tretorn

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