Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Ombre woes

So, after loving ombre/balayage hair color from afar for so long, I decided to finally bite the color blocked bullet and try it myself.  Leery...of course, scared...yes...disappointed...pretty much.  After realizing my stylist didn't quite know what she was was too late to turn back.  My appointment was at 2:30pm and I left at 6:00pm.  Let's just say that I'm making a run to the drug store today for some all over color to tone down the toddler calls it, "yellow hair".  I guess yellow hair is better than yellow teeth, but not much better!  I had to run by the grocery yesterday afterwards and considered going to one I never go to so as to not be seen.  Sadly, I've learned my lesson the hard way.  In the end, she didn't charge me one dime for a treatment that costs over $200 typically.  The other sad thing is that my stylist is super sweet and I'd never have the guts to tell her I didn't love it...although I think she knew though.  I've had mishaps with color she has done before so I think I'm now on the hunt for a new stylist.  Breaking up is hard to do though.  Have you ever had a hair mishap?  Did you break up or just tough it out?
Just for hair was supposed to look similar to Alexa Chung's photo above.  Granted it's similar but similar doesn't quite cut it when it's not spot on.  There's really no room for error with color like this which is ironic because the look is sort of unkept.  The process is anything but!  To give you an idea, the dark part of mine is only on the very top of my head...kind of like a little hat.  Where as Alexa's dark part extends further down with the blonde/yellow just on the lower portion/tips.  
If you see me in line at the drug store with a real hat on my head...eyes pointed to the ground and pretending not to hear you calling my name...just know I'm still in hiding!  


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