Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's things

That's summer would be complete without an airbrush t-shirt and although it's been years since I've purchased one, last week while on vacation at the beach, my sister and I decided that we would get one..."bring back airbrush" cute would some neon brushed air peeking out from behind a black blazer with some faded jeans? Well, little did we know as we stared at the loaded walls of design options and as we approached the pharmacy-esqe desk...the artists were raised up on a platform for all to watch, apparently airbrush never "went out". Sadly we won't be bringing anything back as we were informed by the high-on-fumes checkout girl that the wait for airbrush pick-up was...7 hours! And so, as we hung our sunburned heads we vowed to go straight to the shop much sooner next time we're at the beach!
image credit: flickr

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