Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday's things, Saturday

Another major thunderstorm here that I had the unfortunate task of driving in...through hail and flooded streets and sideways rain that knocked out my internet again but I promised Thursday's things and while it's just a wee past midnight and technically Saturday...a promise is a promise...

Vintage Lilly

Nothing says summer like Lilly...Pulitzer, that is. And vintage Lilly makes it even better. I've had the luck of finding three 1950's era Lilly's and a pair of glorious printed Lilly pants at a local vintage shop over the years and each time I wear the items I get loads of compliments! There's something so nostalgic...something so carefree (after all, the print was to hide juice stains!) and most of all something so comfortable about them. So, as we head to the coast tomorrow for some fun in the sun and Lilly's neatly packed and I'll take heart in knowing I'll be the brightest one at the beach! image credit: A Privileged Life

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