Sunday, June 12, 2011

curtain call

Every year...about this time, I'm reminded that I've missed my calling. However, when I was a kid I can remember my parents watching the Tony's and thinking it was the worst show ever. Now that I'm older (much older) I can't get enough of the Tony Awards. It seems everyone who is anyone in showbiz attends the Tony's and is a part of a show whether you know the name of it or the theater that presents it night after night. There is something so raw and alluring about the live performances. Something so fresh and believable...real. I know that I've got "it" in me because my parents always said I was sooooo overtly animated about everything...from waging a battle of begging for a dog or my performance that had a year long run based on why my parents should sell our house to move to a neighborhood where all my friends lived so I could go to school with them and swim in my boyfriend's pool...a convincing performance I must say as we did indeed move after all. Drama I got, but my biggest enemy are nerves. And I know, they say all actors are nervous before a performance and if you aren't then you aren't giving it your all. But you see, If those nerves are so bad you can't even take the stage...then you won't be winning any Tony's anytime soon. You see, I can barely take the stage at the seediest karaoke bar in town despite cheering from my friends, I'm still so overcome with fear that I can never hit the high notes. Yet I'm always amazed how easily the actors on the Tony's deliver their performances and speeches with such ease...nothing stumps them...they're not too cool to not the Oscars...they're not so bourgeoisie that they are on display for their designer duds (although I do love that part). Nope, they are there for the sheer talent they deliver night after night, live...on the spot...with an audience. Sure, they rehearse, they know it all by heart but there's still something to it that lights a fire from deep within me. And so, while I know I'll never be the "star" of Broadway...I give a pretty good performance at my house each and every the spot, which is...well, technically "off Broadway"...right?
image credit: tony awards

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