Monday, June 27, 2011

Royal Pain

I suppose it's okay for me to write about this...enough time has passed for my opinion to probably fall on deaf ears as possibly the only thing we can remember at this point is the ring, the dress, and the kiss(es)...oh, and the sister...but here goes...I love a wedding...attending one, planning one, dancing at get the idea. And, I love all things English...the accent, the union jack, the prestige, the get the idea. However, I do not understand the love affair that was with the Royal Wedding a few months ago. Though I contemplated planning a party (seriously, the decorations would be sooo cute and fun) to sip Pimm's Cups, nosh on finger sandwiches, fish and chips, and watch the wedding in all it's pomp...I just don't know what all the hype was about. I know he's second in line to the throne, I know he's got smashing good looks, I know she wore Diana's ring (which is both nostalgic and beautiful), I know every detail was exquisite. But, in my opinion it parallels the Bachelor Weddings on much hype, so much media, so much decoration. Seems to me it takes away from the privy of it all...the elitism, the pureness. Maybe I'm just bitter I didn't receive an invite but enough already with the t-shirts and mugs and tote bags, and plates and magnets, and such. The bookstore down the street from my house had a William and Kate section, you could buy just about anything from programs to bobble heads. And as the Royals were scrambling to plan a Royal wedding, every day commoners were scrambling to be their "look alikes", Lifetime scrambled to make a "made for TV movie" with all the sordid details of their courtship, though I'm unsure how Lifetime has Royal intel, and the Today Show scrambled to send some lucky person to attend. I just think it cliche and overdone. And so, even though I watched, as did the rest of the world, and even though I did kind of wish I was there (a tiny bit), I don't know that I was quite as enamored. Yes, it was beautiful, yes, it will forever be, historical event, I guess I just felt it odd that a family that is so private and secretive in their every day life, to let all of the world view such a sacred event was all very, "hey look at me" of them. Harry, my suggestion...elope!
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  1. You and Marchman make the best Pimm's Cups!

  2. Awww, thanks! Let's have some soon! xoxo!


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