Friday, July 1, 2011

Ode to Ruby

Goodbye's are hard for me no matter the situation...which is why I'm greatly dreading the inevitable "goodbye" that's ahead of me. Ruby...I loved her before I even knew her. I dreamt of her lines and boxy compartments, her Harmon Kardon stereo, her ability to navigate rough terrain, her ability to give me a bird's eye view of the roads before me and her leather and suede accoutrement's. She's been with me through highs and lows, she's never left me stranded even when she would sometimes overheat, she's been to the beach, to the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500, the U.S. Gran Prix, the Makers Mark Distillery, New Orleans, the many places. The toddler came home from the hospital in her safe and sound...and her first day of pre-school, 1st birthday party and 2nd birthday party. We've tailgated with Ruby in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia before football games and basked in the streaming sun from her dual sunroofs. We've loved her dearly for the 9 years we've called her ours and it's hard to imagine giving her up, but...she's aging and sadly...being non-human and all, she's not eligible for Medicare! After years of love, years of repairs, years of memories and what's sure to be a very hard "goodbye"'s time. And so, as I begin to look at what my options are, knowing we will never be able to replace her, I hope that she won't suffer, that her next owner will love her us as much as we have and still do, and that they are super wealthy...because, like her Momma (moi), she is high maintenance, and likes the most expensive things! You will be missed beloved Land Rover.
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