Friday, November 30, 2012

tis the season...

I ordered our holiday cards this week and have already received an email saying that they have been reviewed and are ready to ship...I couldn't decide which card and photo combo to use this year so I asked the preschooler which she liked best and her response..."I like them both".  They are both so completely different so I decided to order some of each.  And so, as I'm waiting with baited breath for them to arrive so that I can hold them in my hot little hand...I started thinking...I bet those people that work at those holiday card places like Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Minted, Pinhole Press, etc. must have the most fun this time of year aside from the hustle and bustle of this probably being their busiest season.  Can you just imagine getting to see everyones best photos and designs?  I mean, I get so excited to just get one holiday card in the mail...I would be in heaven spying in on everyones life for a vicariously through them, going skiing with them, to the beach, sailing (cause we all know how much I love that!), camping, ect.  Who cares if they are strangers.  Every year when we go to the my in-laws house for the holidays, I look forward to perusing the big basket that holds all of their holiday cards they've received.  I know very few of the people but still really enjoy looking.  Imagine this on a much larger scale and getting paid for it!  Maybe I should consider a career change! 

p.s. I love this holiday card display idea (pictured above)!  I'm always at a loss for how to display holiday cards...this would be perfect!  I also have a friend that does a medium size foil (silver) tree and punches holes in the cards, adds pretty ribbon and hangs all the cards on her "card tree"!  Love that idea too!

image credit: me oh my

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