Wednesday, November 7, 2012

big and small

Just thinking about some things...maybe it's the chilly mornings but for some reason I'm having this craving to crawl in bed with the preschooler in the mornings.  Actually, I find myself wanting to sleep with her at night too.  Also, every time I pick her up now I'm reminded that she isn't little anymore...soon, I'll no longer be able to grab her up in a moments notice.  Granted, there will always be that "super mom strength" for the scary-don't-fall-moments, but I'm talking about just the ease of picking her up for a hug or a kiss or simply because I want to carry her.  It makes me sad but at the same time I'm so excited for the little lady she's becoming. 
And so, in preparing my thoughts for her bedroom makeover, which was promised when we moved to our new house and also because she's kind of outgrown her toddler bed, I'm faced with a decision of whether or not to get her a twin bed or a full size.  The twin bed would be so cute and allow more actual space in her room for toys and for her to play...but, the full size would give her room to stretch her legs, grow, and let her Mama sleep with her!  When I asked her what she preferred she of course was thrilled with the idea of me sleeping with her...the Husband, not so much.  Or, maybe it's that I'm completely smitten with the bed we've I've picked out for her room (see above).  It comes in both twin and full size.  I have until Christmas to decide...big or small??

image credit: Land of Nod

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