Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wish List time...

Where has the time gone?  It's nearly Christmas and I've yet to post my wish list...much to the dismay of my Mom...I'm sure!  So, here goes.  As before...these are things that I want, love, am coveting obsessed with!  I'm not suggesting that you should buy something or suggesting superior quality of an item...just merely suggesting that there might be a BIG ole smile on my face come Christmas morning if I should happen to open one of these items.  So, without further hesitation...I give to you...

The 2012 Wish List:
  1. Dyson Vacuum - still pining for this sucker!
  2. Banjo with lessons - cause let's face it, I'd be the hit of the party if I could twang a little twang!
  3. French lessons - cause it's just pretty.
  4. Sandgren "New York" clog boots in Royal Navy - cause they're different and they'd look good with everything.
  5. Dixie letter press print from The Old Try via Garden and Gun - cause, well...you know.
  6. Dixie T-shirt from The Old Try - again, just cause.
  7. A weekend at Palmetto Bluff - cause it looks like heaven on earth
  8. The Summer Red photograph from Garden and Gun for over our bed (top image) - cause nothing is more relaxing than thinking about riding in a truck with the windows down and the sun flying on your face.
  9. A creative job - cause I'm so full of ideas I might pull a Van Gogh!
  10. Tuckernuck Sunday Bag in chestnut or mango (or any color, really) with block monogram- cause I'm a Mom and my purse has to be big enough to hold gum and mints and small forks and wipes and tissues and magnificent drawings and baby dolls and general stuff that the preschooler no longer wants to hold! (and because I might have a tote fetish obsession)
  11. A Barbour waxed canvas coat - cause, well...I don't know...I just really like them.
  12. A hair stylist that I trust with all my heart - for obvious reasons.
  13. A weekend with my girlfriends - cause it's been too long!
  14. An upholstered wall - cause they are so glamorous and I could then fling myself against the wall or bang my head against the wall when I throw a fit for added drama.
  15. My grandfather's old Chevy truck that no one drives that just sits there begging to be loved and driven down a winding road.
  16. A Sarah Ashely Longshore painting - cause they're just plain fun and she's from my hometown and my friend!
  17. A goat - the little kind - cause they are so cute and I've always wanted one.
  18. A professional organizer - cause when I moved I discovered just how close I am to actually being on TLC's Hoarders.
  19. Crazy, wild-eyed, no consequences kind of fun - cause I'm not sure that still exists once you're over 35 or have a child.  But I know I still have it in me...just sayin.
  20. Calligraphy lessons - cause the art of handwriting is becoming extinct.
So, there you have it. I'm sure I'll receive next to none of those items but it's still nice to dream a little.  Maybe I'll compile all my wish lists into a little book to look back on.  Wouldn't it be fun to be able to see what I "wished" for in the 80's?  Man, I'd love to know.  I'm sure it included makeup and hot rollers and roller skates and anything sparkly or scratch and sniffy. 

What are you hoping and wishing for this year? 

image credit - Summer Red by stacey haines, photographer 

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  1. Hey there, Emily! Did they give you the old Chevy truck? I really hope so! I think it would be unfair for something that beautiful to just rust away in one place. It’s no less terrible than an abandoned truck. And even if they don’t, I have a feeling you would still save the good truck. :)


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