Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's things

Southern Spice
I will warn you, this is an acquired taste. As a child I was drawn to the bright yellow can but each time I took a sip I was awfully disappointed. But...that was then and this is now and I can say that I am now a big fan. I love most anything spicy and this certainly fits the bill. Produced locally, Buffalo Rock has been in business in my town since 1901. A relic of sorts and with Garden & Gun's recent tribute to the spicy South Carolina ginger ale, Blenheim, I decided to rediscover the Buffalo Rock Southern Spice that lured me in as a child. Now...I drink it straight from the can but SOME people like to mix it with Maker's Mark for a sweet and spicy nip...and well, it's good like that too!
image credit: food and wine

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