Tuesday, November 1, 2011

take two

I feel like I've been stuck in a perpetual Hitchcock movie for the past month...and not in the "who me? - who done it?" Grace Kelly/Tippi Hedrun kinda way. But rather, in the 'things coming at me in all directions-making me crazy' kind of way. Which got me lost in thought...not about all the things that filled my never ending October calendar but...well, about Hitchcock movies. I remember seeing The Birds for the first time and being afraid to go outside...cringing every time I saw a crow flying low or hanging around staring me down. Then came Psycho, and then Vertigo and then, my all time favorite...The Rear Window. There's nothing better than a little Jimmy Stewart on a rainy night, doing a little detective work. Not unlike myself in similar "spy" work I've done. And, how odd it is to piece together your own story...something gets your attention, turns your head, and before you know it you've got people committing crimes you've only seen on Law and Order. The imagination is a powerful tool. Did the old man across the way really kill his wife...chop her up in little pieces...or did she really go on a trip? Either way, it's a testament to how powerful the mind really is...how things can come at you fast, and in all directions, and quickly spin out of control. Now, back to me...October started with a birthday bang for the toddler and husband, then portraits, football, a bachelorette party, more pictures, out of town company, Halloween parties, Halloween hayrides, Halloween train rides, Halloween parades...and blurry eyed...I stumbled to bed...and now it's November. The non-stop spinning is finally starting to slow down...fall seems to have, er, fallen and now it's time for a brief respite before it starts all over again in November. And so, sometimes the craziness that is our life seems straight from the movies...without the bird pecked eyes and chopped up part...but not really a romantic comedy either!
image credit: shybiker

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