Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Part II

Okay, it seems as though I was premature in presenting my Wish List because I have come across several other items that have begged to be included. I would be remiss to not mention them as I'm sure Santa is tightening the reins on those reindeer as we speak! So...in keeping with sequential order...I present to you, the amended list...
11. A Dyson Vacuum (the dust cup scares me but the force in which it sucks makes me, er...excited)
12. My den and dining room painted (I love the granny smith apple but I'm ready for a muted changed as I have a 3 year old who already yells at me)
13. The toddler fully potty trained...that's right, I want someone to do it for me!
14. iPad (for blogging and all)
15. Dinner at Galatoires
16. An Ashley Longshore original (I know it's on my list every time but maybe she'll feel sorry for me and slide one my way...wink wink)
17. A day with Tori Spelling...she would love me, I just know it!
18. A nanny (one that doesn't fall asleep at 8pm...you know who you are!)
19. A banjo...with lessons
20. A writing job...dreaming, I know.
So there it is...the list in it's entirety. Of course this doesn't include stocking stuffers but I'll spare you that! Let's just say that I'm not one to take to kindly to fruit in my stocking.
Again, the disclaimer...in no way am I endorsing any of the listed products...except maybe the Nanny and the Maid as I'm sure both of these things would make my life a lot easier and, well...who wouldn't endorse that?
Now, what does everyone else want??
image credit: flikr

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