Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy accidents

Isn't it neat...kinda wonderful, when an accident happens and something so marvelous becomes of it? It's one of those moments when you look back and say, "if I hadn't done 'this' then 'that' would never have happened". Recently I read an article about a girl who lived in Manhattan. On the morning of September 11th she was running late to work...dashing to catch the train...when she bounded into the path of an approaching car. She and the driver of the car did the awkward dance that ensues when one waves the other ahead simultaneously, causing yet another near death misstep. But on that morning, it wasn't just any morning, it was the morning that she was nearly hit and then waved ahead by Gwyneth Paltrow. She said she couldn't believe she had this moment...this experience...eye contact with the one and only. She said she remembers thinking to herself that at least she would have a story when she arrived late for work. She missed her train...she worked in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center. She credits Gwyneth for saving her life. The article went on to say that Gwyneth's camp had been notified and Paltrow was deeply touched by the story...and she did indeed remember the incident. Then, there's the less Hollywood-esque story of when a horrible ice storm hit my college town, crippling the city and stranding everyone wherever they were when it began to fall...all city streets shut down. Thankfully I lived in a small apartment complex where a great friend of mine also lived...we hung out, walked around outside marveling at everything encapsulated in the thick shimmer, and when I slipped and fell down...he offered his hand. Though the sting of the ice was real, so was the look in his eyes and the swell in my heart when I offered my hand years later. That great friend is now the husband. These are the things that keep us going I suppose when we have an accident. And so, all this accident pondering started yesterday as I was rushing to meet the husband for a lunch date. I climbed into my car before realizing the garbage can was in my way...I jumped out haphazardly to move it and in doing so shut my finger in the door. An accident...very painful, swollen, sickening. But now, I'm left with a half moon bruise on my fingernail and, well...turns out the half moon manicure is all the rage. Although, I think it might be less painful to have it done professionally! Point is, if we can look for the good in things...in the accidents, then maybe the old saying is true...maybe there really is a silver lining in every dark cloud...or at least a half moon!
image credit: my sweet escape

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