Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Nantucket Reds
As I sit and stare out the large front window in our den...I am aware that Summer is slowly but surely slipping away. And by "Summer" I mean, white jeans, linen, weekend jaunts to the lake or beach, sunburned shoulders, tanned skin, and seasonal cocktails. Soon we'll be knee deep in fall...not so bad considering it's been in the upper 90's to low 100's everyday for as long as I can remember, but alas, it's that time of year that makes me want to pile on all my Fall faux pas clothing such as my vintage fluorescent green and turquoise Lilly pants and pastel sundresses and flip flops before the bell tolls. I'm excited to think about the prospects of penny loafers and saddle oxfords but as I've posted before, I always have this internal struggle with white after Labor Day. Sure, everyone says it's's not a rule anymore...never was a rule in some places but for someone who doesn't love khaki pants, there really aren't many replacements for the white pants in, off season. So, that got me thinking, and looking, and researching. What's a pant that's still feminine, looks good casual as well as dressed, and isn't khaki? Now, I'm talking cotton chino of course as yes, Fall and Winter may be on the horizon but it's still the South and cotton canvas is suffice no matter the season in these parts. After perusing websites and catalogs, and taking into account my love of all things nautical...regardless of time of year...I have come up with the perfect replacement...the Nantucket Red. Paired with a thick weave cotton sweater in white or Navy would be divine. After researching, I found there are many places that offer a version of the Nantucket Red but the only true Nantucket Red is from Murray's Toggery Shop (since 1945). Located guessed it...Nantucket. The Nantucket Red is guaranteed to fade to give that well worn...well loved...summer house look. Okay, so how can I usher in Fall and possibly extend into Winter a pant that is classically Summer? Well, I guess just as "some people" will wear white pants year round I think the faded red cotton sailcloth canvas is can be warmed up with a leather belt, cable sweater, suede boots, etc. Murray's offers the "red" in an array of items so if the pant just isn't your thing there are definitely other options. And so, once Fall season swings into gear (luckily my team wears red), pumpkin patches are booming, and the boats are in dry dock...I'll take heart in knowing that I can eschew the cold days in summer style, breaking any rules but instead, making my own!
Visit Murray's Toggery for a little "red" of your own!
image credit: Murray's Toggery Shop

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