Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Bud

Sometimes people, things...come into our lives and make such a mark that you just can't get them off your mind. From their brief glance...long stare...shared kisses, stroke of the hair just behind the ear where they like it the's love at first sight. Such was the case over the 4th weekend...out of nowhere he came. His laid back spirit, stranger to no one demeanor makes him the best friend anyone could ever have. Soon, the husband ventured over to inquire about him as he could see my affection welling up...but we knew that despite his quest for love and attention...and possibly a little table grazing...he...Buddy, wasn't for sale. He belongs to someone...everyone...and his undeniable cuteness, fleas and all, will be there to greet us the next time we're out that way...kicking up dust and falling in love with the ways of a country dog.
image: Buddy dog hanging out...what he does best!

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps it would be good if we were all a little more like Buddy.


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