Monday, May 14, 2012

vampire teeth and fishnets not included

Something very strange is going on in this head of mine.  Somehow I've become a lady of the night...and by that I don't mean a hooker or a vampire.  However, I can't stop looking forward to the evening.  Every single day, I find myself thinking about relaxing and watching t.v. or looking at a magazine and going to bed.  Maybe it's my subconscious trying to tell me that I'm uber tired...and, well that is the case most days but that's not going change anytime soon since I have a toddler (although she's kind of a preschooler at this point)!  Maybe it's that the husband is home in the evenings and maybe I'm just lonely for some adult time or maybe I'm just one of those people who always wants something to look forward to and my nearsightedness has me shooting for the very short term...whatever the reason may be I can't stop willing the days away waiting for the sun to slip away.  Kinda funny how things go...when we were kids we couldn't wait for Christmas, or Summer, or Disney World, and now...I'm just waiting for 6pm!  Next thing you know I'll be eating the early bird special and home in time for Wheel of Fortune.  Maybe it's the gloomy weather we've had the past few days...or maybe it's just Monday! No worries, I won't be guiding any midnight cemetery tours or walking the streets...nope, I'll be curled up with new glossies, watching "my shows" and in bed after the 10:00pm news!  What do you look forward to?

image credit: sweet fairy boutique 

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