Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's things

Recently I've been noticing a new trend in nail polish.  Besides all the fantastic summer colors... including neon and soft, yet bright pastels...there has been an ever growing appearance of painting one nail, usually the ring finger or index finger in a different shade than the rest.  So, when I met some friends last week for pedicures, I decided to give the trend a try on my toes.  Aside from the initial response from the toddler and husband..."oh, no, what happened to that nail?"...the response has been fun and I really love the complimentary colors.  I chose Essie's "mint candy apple" for all my toes and OPI's "Cajun shrimp" for my big toe on the left foot.  I'm loving the funkiness of it!  So, give it a try on your toes or fingers...and say hello to summer fun!

image credit: Atlantic-Pacific

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