Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mrs. Roper

If there was ever a style I've loved...it's Mrs. Roper...you know her...the caftan wearing, loving wife of Stanley.  Soooo, imagine my excitement when I got a sneak peek of The Webster of Miami's spring line for Target!  I couldn't wait for it to hit stores and just in time for summer and our family's annual jaunt to the beach. The collection hit stores yesterday and unlike the Missoni debacle, it was still there when I arrived later today to try on a few pieces. I ended up getting the "wallpaper maxi" which looks incredible on! There's something about that wallpaper look of big green leaves that transcends time.  I can remember a childhood friend's powder room growing up having nearly the same paper as a friend of mine now who ironically has it in her powder room as well.  The vintage charm of it begs for a lawn party or outdoor wedding of which I hope to oblige! Or maybe I'll just sit around sipping cocktails and flirting with Jack...either way, I'll be channeling my inner Mrs. Roper, er, minus the hair! 

image credit: (first) The Webster of Miami (second) The Webster of Miami for Target

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