Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard from A Cup Of Jo, did a post about her recent bedroom re-do. For a while now, the husband and I have been wanting to downsize our bedroom furniture. We live in a small 1950's house that is certainly gasping to catch it's breath beneath the weight of all of our accumulated furniture. When we first moved in about 9 years ago our "stuff" only filled up one small truck...and so, we felt the urge to fill up our new found space. Now, we're so claustrophobic we can hardly stand it. We have a huge bedroom suit and everything is match-y match-y, which I have come to loathe. Joanna touches on this match-y match-y thing a bit in her post and reveals a bedroom of things that are special but individual and cheery in their own way. She and her sweet family live in New York, making my house palatial by comparison, yet she was able to make her space seem huge and cheery to help thwart the dreary, cold, damp winter days. I've now got the inspiration needed to try and de-clutter our bedroom and downsize our overbearing furniture...the rest of the clutter will have to wait. We spend such meaningful time in our bedroom, sleeping, playing with the toddler, watching t.v. before bed...why not make it the space we truly want? Check out the pictures of Joanna's bedroom re-do. I love the pillow and the headboard, and the shades...and well, everything!
image credit: a cup of jo

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