Tuesday, January 17, 2012

team USA

Tonight, the husband and I will embark on a new endeavor, something sure to change our lives, a road that will possibly lead to gold medals and back flips galore. That's right, the toddler will take her first gymnastics class tonight! Depending on her mad skills, I may begin to refer to her as "the gymnast". I'm not being aggressive am I? I mean, I know she technically is still a toddler/preschooler but I'm certain she'll be incredibly good. This is normal, right? It's not too soon to start packing for the Olympics is it? Also, anyone know if Bela Karolyi is still coaching? Okay, okay...I'm not completely crazy...just really excited for the toddler...er, gymnast to have an activity that includes swinging like a monkey and flipping like a ferret to help her get the wiggles out...and maybe sleep past 7am! Also, she is ridiculously cute in her leotard! Now, where's the podium?
image credit: sportsgirlsplay


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  2. Interestingly, the gymnast has not mentioned that she already knows how to do it.

  3. So true! She does know how to do a lot...I mean, according to to her she "already knows how to do ballet"! Won't that save us a fortune!


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