Monday, January 30, 2012

a break

After a very traumatic weekend...involving an emergency room visit to Children's Hospital, and after much thought on neglected housework and neglected family time...I have decided to take a break from blogging for now. I'll be back at some point...rested, relaxed, and renewed! For now, I'll be living the luxurious life of housework and caring for a toddler with a cast to her shoulder for what I'm sure will seem like an eternity. She's hardly missed a beat since the 'break'...but it's hard to see her in that tiny little cast. Don't forget about me...I'll still be prancing around in my Prada flats and nautical stripes (even though it's winter) but, I'll be logging more downtime than logging on. I'll be back soon...xoxo!
image credit: the toddler and her tiny pink cast


  1. Oh no!! Poor thing!! I hope she heals quickly - I know toddlers don't like to slow down for such things as broken bones!!

  2. Thanks Rachel! It's definitely not slowing her down...which means more nailbiting for me as she whirls around with that big cast!


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