Tuesday, March 29, 2011

gonna get your goat...

Okay, so I don't usually post twice a day, nor do I post about random things...wait, never mind...anyway, I just had to post this...for those who know me, you know that I have wanted a baby goat forever. Not really a baby goat but the kind that stay baby sized. I think they're called pygmy goats but whatever, baby goat sounds better. Annnnnnnyway, in tune with my earlier post...as if I needed another reason to love Tori Spelling, she has a baby goat! Which I think I may have already known, or previously thought was just to spice up their reality show...but seriously, I was just begging my farmer friend (see Sex and the...Country post) that she had to get baby goats! But...I want one too! Now, I wonder how the dogs will like a goat? I'm sure our non-reliable yard man would love a goat as it will eat what he never gets around to cutting! I know the toddler would love a goat. I think the husband will be the only one who needs convincing and, well, maybe the neighbors. Also, we may have a city ordinance against them...which seems ridiculous as they are so stinking cute!
image credit: INF photo/Fame

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