Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, it's officially spring and I've been bullied at the playground! Apparently I'm the only Mom afraid of them...but what's with all the hovering and darting and, well...staring? At the playground yesterday the husband told me not to make eye contact with them...(read...stop acting spastic). And honestly, I tried to be better behaved since the toddler will watch every move I make and mimic it precisely. I don't want to pass down my fear of those suede like buzzing machines. In the end, we left the playground with red cheeks and a spring-time glow (read...sweat), stings and craziness averted. But, they're everywhere I go these days...seemingly coming out of nowhere. From the grocery to the backyard to the playground, it's hard to go anywhere without seeing them. And so, I've been thinking about those guys...there are people we encounter that are just the same...hovering, sometimes with a job to do, but at the same time a little scary. We get through the day with them, move out of their way, and listen closely for their constant busy buzzing. Just as I'm watching my actions around the toddler, I realize there's a lesson in those bees...we need to watch our actions around others...making sure we are being the kind of people we should be...not bully-ish, not hovering, not darting around as if daring someone to be scared. Each of us are no better than another. We should treat others with respect and...well, let them swing and slide and work or play without harassment! It's easy to forget these things. And yet, as I sit here typing, the bumble bees are buzzing about, banging into the window as if to say..."I see you in there, talking about me". And with that, I'm left here wondering...who's bullying who now? image credit: my little bee (the toddler)

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