Tuesday, March 29, 2011

girl crush

We all have them...us girl's that secretly envy and love every single thing about another. Usually someone who is unattainable, unreachable...in a place that we could only dream of, only adding to the marvel. For me, there are several...Tori Spelling, Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker, but before those there was Gwyneth. Her long blonde locks perfectly uncoiffed yet, every hair in place, East coast upbringing, amazing fashion sense, fabulous friends, adorable children (although she ain't got nothing on the toddler!) and then...as if there needed to be another reason to love her...Chris. Sure there was Brad but he's no Chris. Chris embodies the angst ridden Englishman we all crave. Then, there are the homes...featured in glossies, beautiful expanses with lush gardens, gourmet kitchens in which it's rumored she actually cooks, beach homes with endless summers, and well...the music. The husband and I have been lucky enough to see Coldplay a couple of times and I love them more with each note. As I sit here envying every aspect of Gwyn's life...right down to her Carrara marble counters, I wonder this...how is it possible for someone to be so lucky? I remember watching her in Great Expectations...so lithe and full of adventure - so young...perhaps my crush isn't really on her but on the characters she's played, on the opportunities she's had, and the clothes she wears (and her husband). I've had many "crushes" in my life. Some silly, some serious, some irrational, and some sort of stalker like. We all have them, that unrequited love that can bring us to the brink. It's funny to look back on my college days and think about all that wasted time, wishing someone would look my way, take notice, see how cute and stylish and smart and funny and fun I was. As the husband and I near our 12 year anniversary I realize that it's important to think back to that initial crush...that glance that took your breath away. And so, I suppose I'll always "love" Gwyneth and my heart will always skip a beat when Coldplay takes the stage but when I look beside me...the husband will always be there to pick up the pieces of my "crushed" heart! image credit: (top) House and Garden (bottom) MusicToob

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