Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex and the...Country

The recent release of the Sex and the City 2 movie got me thinking...what is it about the "sex and the city"? Is it the fashion, the food, the parties, the bustle, or the hustle that makes it so good? As I wondered this aloud I thought about a friend of mine...a girl who lived in the city, dined at James Beard Award restaurants, sipped cocktails al fresco, and worked for a fancy magazine. She's since taken her Choo's to the Country and suits her! She's baking up a storm and growing a million plants, vegetables, and herbs. She's traded her Derby hat for a sun hat and in her quest to help launch a wonderful local nursery/ question is "Sex" and the Country better? My guess is YES! There's something so alluring about a simpleness that reminds us of a less hectic time in our lives. Mornings filled with honking geese instead of honking horns. Rumbling engines from tractors instead of City buses. And when the day is done, an evening with a man that's there with her to share dinner and a cocktail that's BIG! A world where her City lights are fields of fireflies, her gourmet dinners are prepared from scratch, and the cocktails are hand mixed with berries from the refreshing. A true Country girl I've never been but I can't help but feel a little jealous! When did we become so consumed with the City? When did we have to eat garlic butter drenched escargot in piping hot cast iron to feel cultured? Or sip Lillet martinis to feel fancy? While I love the City and Carrie's Louboutin's to pieces I'm beginning to think my dear friend is on to something. So...I say this: take your friends, your love, your Louboutin's, and your Sex to the Country and I bet you'll bid the City adieu! (for a little while at least!)

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  1. My Choos don't work so well in the Country...and luckily I haven't traded the python for a snake of another sort! :)
    You so beautifully describe what makes my heart smile. And the best part's true!! Put on your cute striped wellies and come savor it with me sometime. There's a fresh mint mojito or basil lime cooler in it for ya...xoxoxo Mary Beth


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