Friday, January 28, 2011

well suited

On this chilly Friday...anticipating spring-like temps tomorrow I am daydreaming of swimsuits. I know, I's barely 50 degrees as I type this but every year I'm sent swirling trying to find the perfect suit as the season unfolds and all the good ones are gone...picked over, like when you sat on the edge of the pool...on the concrete...that would pick your suit faster than you could dip a toe! So this year, I've decided that I'll get an early start. For the Toddler...I've found the cutest vintage-esque suit that incorporates my love of nautical stripes! Also, I'm a big fan of Janie and Jack which is where the Toddler's swimsuit and cap from last year (see "thinking inside the box" post) came from so I decided to check out their selection for this year and wasn't disappointed. Can't wait to get that little suit and cap of stripes, buttons and bows on her! As for me...I'm considering a high waisted number...vintage-esque appeal and might even entertain a one-piece as it's easier to deal with the...less than perfect areas and the Toddler's tromping but for now I haven't found one I'm loving. Finally, for the Husband...the pickiest one of the bunch. He'll probably don his same blue and yellow stripe, marlin embroidered trunks from last year because, as the conversation usually goes, "they still fit" and "I don't understand why you have to have a new swimsuit every year". But alas, I grew up in a home where shopping for your swimsuit each year was as significant as picking your wedding dress! Trying on...pulling...tugging until the we found just the perfect one that none of my friends were sure to have on Spring Break! And so, as tomorrow's temperatures climb into the mid-60's I'll be stowed away in a dressing room somewhere...debating...deciding...pulling and tugging. And I'll be a little sad to slip back into my Bean Boots and puffer coat as rain and colder temps are predicted to return by Sunday; however, my heart will be warmed knowing I have assembled the perfect beach attire! For me: Hotel Bondi gnome print high waisted bikini - Hotel Bondi crochet print high waisted bikini For the Toddler - Janie and Jack striped swimsuit and cap

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