Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a perfect "match"

If you read one thing today...well, two you are here and presumably reading this...but after reading this, please, please, please check out Matchbook Magazine! It's an online glossy that launched yesterday and is dedicated to style, or as they say...a field guide to a charmed life. It covers everything from uber cute Maryjane flats to up and coming designers, apartment dressings, travel and boy stuff too! So inspiring and exciting Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day (one of my fav blogs) puts it "...a very quirky Kate Spade-ish vibe going on". And so, I have flipped every virtual page and can say that I'm in love and...just in time for valentine's day! Which got me's perfect for all you iPad peeps...zoom-able, linkable, lovable! And so, sweet Husband...I think I'm ready for MY iPad and...just in time for valentine's day! Right?? Read it here... p.s. swoon!


  1. With all of these pretty online magazines these days, I am in need to get an iPad too! Gotta convince the husband. :)

    Your blog looks great! looking forward to see more! If you get the chance, please come by mine too.. would love to network.

    xo, Jeanne

  2. Thanks Jeanne! Visited your blog and love it! I am especially loving the "store your junk in style" suitcases...gonna have to get those to put in our den as it also doubles as a toy repository and these would keep things looking so chic! Also loving Rifle Paper Company!
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what neat things I need to add to my shopping list!


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