Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new friends

I find it amazing how sometimes you can meet people and within minutes you feel like you've know them for a lifetime...or at least long enough to share a drink with...a cab with...and a photo with. This past holiday weekend the Husband and I went to New Orleans...our favorite place in the world...a place we almost called home recently except for the fact that our current home didn't sell. We love the lake, the river, the food, the music, the quarter, uptown...the's suburbs...and most of all...the people. After an amazing Dr. John show at Tip's we ventured out into the unseasonably thick air with our new found best friends to the quarter. The scene that would unfold in the car of...albeit a stranger, will be a lasting memory for a long time..."the six best friends that anyone could ever have" (think the Hangover...yes, it was only three in the movie but...there were six of us Thursday night and one that was quite possibly the REAL Alan). To set the scene...flamenco/Cuban-esque music blaring from a car that...I'll admit I mistook for a rental (big cars are fun) down...night air whipping through...and the loudest...fastest clapping I've ever done in my life. I felt like we were in a scene from a movie...a fun movie. And so, the night flittered on...we shared a table and devoured slices of pizza on St. our new found friends adieu in the wee hours...and just like that it was another day...the brink of a another year. As the new year approached the following day...the Husband and I had one of the best meals in a long time at Cochon Butcher in the warehouse district...followed by a stroll down cold beer at Le Bon Temps...capped off with dinner at Morton's. There we met more new fast friends...super fun locals...dressed to perfection...capturing the moment in style. And finally...the Husband and I rang in the new year at Napoleon House (next best thing to being in Paris...right?)...fireworks blasting like cannons on the river...rain beginning to fall...and another year enveloping us. And for a moment...we were light as air...troubles behind in the moment and thankful for having spent the cusp of the year with new friends. Here's to you! image credit: yungdude

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