Monday, January 24, 2011

cold case

So, here it is my mind anyway, and I am obsessed with coats. Maybe it's because I've been sick the entire month of January. That's right...24 days and counting. Maybe the feverish, achiness, and sniffling has me longing for anything that will keep me warm...but I find myself gravitating toward coats like never before. And, with that said...I am assembling quite a collection. There's the quilted Burberry jacket...the L.L.Bean Adirondack Barn Coat...the car length puffer...the Saints fleece...the Kors pea coat, and that's just the overcoats. The jackets...suit and sundry alike are stacking up as well. Maybe it's my age...maybe I'm finding that if a classic cut coat/jacket is added to any outfit there's a certain heir of I like to think so anyway. Some days with the Toddler I find it difficult to put together a cover worthy outfit...and as I type this in my skinny black pants, denim shirt and riding hair is a mess, makeup askew yet the long puffer coat was like a Band-aid on my sad...sickly appearance as I ventured out in my, er...antibiotic laced state...into the cold to return a coat and exchange another. I admit, 3 coats since December is excessive (read...perfect). But there I was questioning could I return such a lovely blanket-esque coat with just the right amount of effortless cape-like appeal? Well, I couldn't justify it...a three-quarter length sleeved coat is...well, confusing...not to mention the hood, ugh...I just couldn't figure it out. It was a little bit Ivy League meets...street style and as I swiped my credit card for the return I missed it already. And so, months from now I'll spot someone with it on and wish I had made the effort...but, my haze of sore throat and forced adventure I decided the Husband would be thrilled with my decisiveness. Pressing on...wiping my eyes (remember...I'm sick, although there may or may not have been a tear shed during the aforementioned return) it was time to exchange the second coat in hand. I had purchased it a week or so ago with the Husband and his approval of it's good looks. However, I ended up with the wrong size and so today...I made my way to the counter with the correct size...exchanged...and brimming with excitement to wear this classic as soon as I'm feeling better. With everything said...I've decided that a mid-length classic trench quite possibly may be the only coat you will ever need. And while deciding upon this look I can say that I am happy to be able to share in the history of such a classic. From Audrey (Hepburn...of course) to Alexa (Chung) I am delighted to dash out in my khaki belted mid-length a mess, makeup askew...but forgiven by the belted cuffs...elegant back pleat... and funnel neck of my new trench that is, well...anything but new. below: Audrey "entrenched" in Breakfast at Tiffany's... left: Alexa Chung... the nouveau classique!

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