Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's things

The feel of summer is in the air and for some reason I can't help thinking about summers spent with my grandparents.  Specifically I've been thinking about how during those summers my grandmother would always take me to the local department store...the only department town and let me pick out something.  Leon's was the name and despite searching the internet for some shred of  evidence that it existed, I came up empty handed...though I was never empty handed when I went to Leon's.  I feel like we spent hours there each visit and oddly I can remember looking at all those round racks packed with crisp clothes and being able to fit under them.  The rounders were jammed in the little space and occasionally  I'd hide under them which I'm sure sent my grandmother into a tizzy.  Nevertheless, I can remember the smell of the new clothing, the bright fluorescent lights and the tiny dressing rooms.  I also remember those shiny pink bags bearing the black cursive writing of a store that I loved so well.  Sadly, it's no longer there but in my mind I can still go there.  I can still feel the cold refrigerated air on my warm shoulders and the rush of getting something new!  You can't beat summer smells and memories that have lasted a lifetime.

image credit: sf station

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