Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday's things...

When I asked for a panini press for Christmas the husband thought I'd lost my mind. Another appliance that will go unused and take up valuable counter space was his thought. So when I opened the Breville on Christmas morning at my parents house I could almost hear his inner groans. I, however, was delighted...albeit a little intimidated by it's cool stainless sleek design but I was determined to use it, if not to just prove the husband wrong! It didn't take long for it to take it's place on the tiny remainder of free counter space in our shoebox galley kitchen before it earned it's right to be, taking up space. I'm happy to say that I have mastered fact, I had one at a restaurant yesterday that I must say was not as good as mine! I've whipped up quesadillas and grilled cheeses for the toddler in a flash. We've grilled chicken in it. I've even gotten adventurous (read...I was starving and these were the only ingredients I could come up with) and made a grape jelly and blue cheese panini. It was amazing! This has become such a favorite kitchen appliance that it's fast becoming a staple! We're even taking it to the beach with us next month. I love a hot sandwich and the Breville panini press certainly fits the bill. If you're looking for something to make your life a little easier at mealtime yet impress your guests with restaurant quality vittles...this should be your go-to item!
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