Friday, March 30, 2012

the name game

One thing is certain, if you have a room full of 10 girls, (and guys for that matter) from all over the United States, you can probably bet the ones with old time double names are from the South. Southerners take great pride in our family names and tradition...which I love. When the husband and I found out we were expecting, in no time we had a girl's name and a boy's name picked out. When I hear about couples nearing their due date and frantically polling friends and thumbing every baby name book on the shelf it always amazes me. How could they not have a name picked out already? What about the baby book monogramming, or the bedding, or silver rattle monogram? When we found out we were having a girl, it was easy to proceed with monogrammed items way before her arrival. We knew we wanted a double name, and by double name I mean...the toddler's first name is two names and yes, it's all her first name...after the husband's mother and my great grandmother. She has a middle name to go with it as well...after my grandmother. While there are some more trendy names (not "Apple" much as I love Gwyneth) that I like, I think it's important to have a strong, meaningful name to bestow upon your child. I remember in the movie Dirty Dancing (don't's one of my favorites) that "Baby" the words of Johnny, wasn't a baby anymore...she was Frances. I remember thinking it was such a great name, a strong name that would stand the times...not so common place. I knew that one day I'd try to pick a name that was similar in tradition. And so, if you are faced with the daunting task of picking a name for your soon to arrive little one, take a look at your family first...I'll bet you'll find some unexpected names you love. Oh, and don't forget about the mindful of how those letters will interlock. I once had a friend who had so many things monogrammed that when she found out she was having another boy she chose another family name but with the mindful condition that it had to be the same combination of letters so she could use all her monogrammed things for baby #2! Point is...maybe it's a Southern thing and well, maybe it's a little pretentious but..."Frances" or "Brandi"...there's just not really any comparison.
image credit: the love list


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