Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Black Leggings
My quest for the perfect pair of black leggings is always a challenge as I'm picky about my tone of black and fabric. There must be a little stretch...obviously since it's a legging, but I don't want it so stretchy it's shiny or worse...see through hosiery-esque. For a few years I've worn NikiBiki leggings that essentially are more of a seamless tight but footless and very opaque...a nice midnight shade of black with no fading. Although, it also runs the fine line of being a hosiery type item. But, I'm now happy to say that I finally fell back on an old and well known brand that up until now I had only bought socks from. That's right...HUE does indeed have the best black, true legging I've found. They are cotton with the perfect amount of stretch...they sit at the true waist so there's no tugging, and they are as opaque as a pair of equestrian riding pants would be. I am beyond excited to have finally found a legging that I love! I've worn them for a few days now around the house and can say that after considerable wear they are still as if I just opened the shapeless knees and no bagginess. They come in a variety of colors but for me I've never loved any legging but a black one. Now...go get yourself a'll love them...besides, I've already done all the legwork for you!
image credit: HUE

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